Bloodborne – The Old Hunters review: hard, brutal and beautiful

After blood thirsty beasts and frenzied hunters floating in a nightmare of the hunter, the new field of bloodborne DLCs &# 8220; The Old Hunters&# 8221; mischief. Why these are the best extensions &# 8220; Atorias of the Abyss&# 8221; heard you read in the test.

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Our video test to bloodborne

As befits a game of from software heard the finding of the new field is the first challenge. We show you how to access the Add-On obtained. Here presents itself Bloodborne: The Old Hunters as an incredibly good DLC's disturbing opponents design, impressive levels and series typical hard difficulty.

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The Old Hunters Test: The madness reigns

The new field Nightmare Hunter is populated by swinging whips hunters and the disfigured beasts on which they prey. Here is tantamount to a first innovation into play. Not only are you fighting against the enemy, but also the beasts and NPC hunters wear battles among themselves.

Here, now piling also your Confrontation with the hunters, which belonged already in the main game of the most difficult challenges. And they have become not one bit lighter, but rather draw something in difficulty on. They carry whips, hammers and even Gatling guns and require the right tactics to succeed.

In the add-on you expect more fights against other fighters.

pure atmosphere

in the Nightmare Hunter visited her Cathedral District of the main game by daylight. However, everything is overgrown with rotting plants and trees and is only the prelude to an excursion into new areas such as a astral clock tower. Here, the level design is as always beyond reproach. Rivers of blood, at which deformed spider creatures feast, pathetic figures who writhe on the ground and rearing or the sun that illuminates almost overgrown with pale light the narrow passages of the level. Hardly any other game just manages to reach such a feeling of anxiety and density using the Level Architecture.

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By dispensing of music (except for boss battles) you only hear your own footsteps and the groans of the beasts at the next corner. In addition, the typical wide panoramas, where you already see from afar what is waiting for you all, come into their own. It's always very special moments in the extension, if you push on a new gate or climbing up a hill, and then opens up the whole architecture Yharnams before you.

Yharnam is abhorrent beautiful as ever.Yharnam is abhorrent beautiful as ever.

Crisp boss battles

In the series typical boss battles are located The Old Hunters any weakness and convinces with usual varied opponents design and crisp Move sets that have to get to know her as a player only once to develop an appropriate tactic. Only the first boss Ludwig the Cursed, is corrupted deformed by its own decisions to a disfigured creature you already required from everything. Still looking for the feeling of happiness after having finally defeated a boss after numerous attempts, has no equal.

The bosses are accustomed grotesque and unique.The bosses are accustomed grotesque and unique.

In terms of difficulty, the DLC thus must not hide from the main game. Here, you expect the fight to the course we do not want to go into some surprises. Also you meet as usual mysterious NPCs that tell you in cryptic monologues more about the happenings in this world.

Our Test Result to Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

The Old Hunters leads one of the best games of this year worthy of continued and even sets some new accents. Great boss battles with surprises and the varied levels convince. Here comes The Old Hunters even on the quality of a Atorias of the Abyss, the best so far DLC for Dark Souls, zoom.


In times of unscrupulous DLC policy, the add-on provides worthy and shows how an extension can well and harmoniously integrated into a main game. If you like Souls games for anyway is no way the DLC. For those, who Bloodborne have missed so far, now the opportunity arises to strike because The Old Hunters will probably remain the only extension for Blood Borne.

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