WhatsApp: send pictures not be any easier – solution

With WhatsApp you have one of today's most popular apps on the phone. The app allows you to exchange chat messages with friends and acquaintances. Moreover, their videos and photos sent from your smartphone to smartphone.

WhatsApp: send pictures not be any easier - solution

But what can you do when sending images via WhatsApp does not work anymore? Here is the solution.


"Help: Send pictures with WhatsApp not go!"

Send pictures can you easily via the B├╝rklammer icon in the upper right corner of the chat. If WhatsApp want to send any images, proceed as follows:

  • Making sure that you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Wait a bit and sends the image again. Especially after the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook to times when WhatsApp is temporarily down several.
  • you may find yourself in a dead spot, or the image file is very large, so that shipping takes a long time. WhatsApp connects to a wireless network and sent the picture again.
  • Can we still do not send images even after a few hours, empty the data cache of WhatsApp. Is this in the Android settings in the "Options" "Application Manager" and choose WhatsApp from the list. Click here "cache". In addition, you can WhatsApp a "stop force" for the app restarts clean.
  • If that does not even have to wipe their WhatsApp and clean reinstall.

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Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

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So that your chats will not be lost when you reinstall WhatsApp, can be found here instructions to back up your conversations:

  • secure WhatsApp messages: storing the course
  • secure WhatsApp history and archive all conversations


We also have on hand the following further instructions for you:

  • There funny videos for WhatsApp
  • So you can send in WhatsApp GIF images
  • Send with WhatsApp music - how it works
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