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You lack someone and you want to communicate it to that person with the right words? For example, via WhatsApp or Facebook? A simple "I miss you." Is often not enough to express one's feelings. Sometimes you want to use something more emotional or more original. On this page you can find the best lines to miss.

Whether Missing sayings that express all your feelings or a short verse about longing: You can show friends with loving messages messengers how much they are missing you, or also send funny pictures that show about you. but spells with the topic Missing can also be searched in bereavement. We have to miss for you summarized below the most awards - in English.

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Inspiration for thoughtful sayings found in our video:
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Missing Spells: The most beautiful phrases about yearning, grief and friendship

You want the person lying to you at heart, tell a special way that you miss her? Here are the most beautiful phrases that you can the man who is missing you write.

You are not everything, but without you, everything is nothing!

Just because I'm not with you, does not mean that I'm not with you.

Distance is nothing. to be located close is a matter of the heart.

The sun is shining, you're awake, I thought of you today. You are worth more than any treasure, I say it briefly in one sentence: You are simply irreplaceable!

And the spirit has become so tired and longing so great.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

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Although Remove kilometers faces, but no thoughts.

Just came back from the audiologist who thinks it's all okay. Why I then so long heard from you?

Oh, what should I write to you here a long, schmaltzy poem? I want to be remembered and write to you: "Do not forget me!"

I feel so empty without you. Notice only now how much you fulfill my life.

I talk with the cabinet, flirt with the TV and eat breakfast with the toaster. Before I begin a relationship with a vacuum cleaner, you can sign up!

Our desire is getting bigger, the less we can satisfy them.
(Niccolò Machiavelli)

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Proverbs - miss - ManNazariy Kryvosheyev /

All my thoughts revolve around only you - I do not know what I previously thought of everything so white ...

Since I know you, I finally understand the theory of relativity. Are you with me, like every hour of a second. Are you away, the hour is an eternity.

love is &# 8230; counting the hours until you're finally back to me.

I am here and you are there, that is, one of us is in the wrong place.

What pain in this life full of tribulation is greater than the longing that is not met and does not rest?
(from India)

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Mourning sayings of the lost (death)

If a loved one of us gone, loving mourning in find obituaries or in post, which is intended to show the mourners sympathy. Proverbs to miss about sadness we have here for you:

Your tracks will remain
And always, since traces of your life, thoughts, images and moments. They will remember you, make us happy and sad and never let you forget.

We miss you, we love you and we will never forget you. Even if you are no longer here and now with us, you accompany us day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute in our thoughts and our hearts.

We wonder why! But the sky is silent and remains silent. All too soon you have to go, we can not believe it, do not understand. The house is silent and empty, as it was no longer. Your picture in the head will remain, the sound of your voice can not be selling. Your laughter, your love, your helping hands and so much more, we miss you so much.

We'll miss you, we owe a lot to you! You were an inspiration to us, often gave us a goal. That you went away, fills us with sorrow and pain. The memory of you remains in the hearts. We will miss you!

Memory is the only paradise from which we can not be expelled.
(Jean Paul)

The dead are not absent, but invisible. They look with their eyes full of light in our eyes full of sadness.

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Sayings about missing in English: Love sayings and verses for reflection

Here is a selection of the best lines for WhatsApp, if you want to post a short verse in English on Missing:

You do&# 8217; t need someone to complete you. You only need someone who accept you completely.
You need anyone who completes you. All you need is someone who fully accepts you.

Love is missing someone whenever you&# 8217; re apart, but somehow feeling hot inside Because You&# 8217; re close in heart. Kay Knudsen
Love is when you miss someone when you're separated, but when you look at an internal heat feel because you're close to your heart.

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Sometimes, When one person is missing, the whole world Seems depopulated.
Sometimes when you miss a person, the whole world seems depopulated.

Missing someone is your heart&# 8217; s way of reminding you did you love them.
to miss someone is the way your heart to show you that you love him.

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Proverbs: miss - it tells us

Do you miss someone and also you also have a nice slogan for our readers? Or have you perhaps even just received a loving WhatsApp message? We are pleased when their sayings like to share about miss us. Writes it like the bottom of a review.

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