Dark Souls 3: Nameless King Boss Guide with Video

The fight against the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3 is probably one of the most difficult challenges in the game. First you have to conquer the king of the storm, where he flies into battle. And then you get it with the boss himself to do that makes you get very little time to air. Our boss guide with video gives you important tips to fight.

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Fortunately, the fight against the Nameless King optional, is this still in the secret area Erzdrachengipfel. Do you want to try it anyway, we give you in this guide Tips for Boss. In the following video you can see the entire fight with a character level 90.

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Dark Souls 3: The Nameless King Boss Guide

To get the opportunity to boss fight. you have to just ring the large bell that right next to the beacon again &# 8220; Big Tower&# 8221; located. The lever mechanism to her place right before the bell, with you that nothing will be as it was when it rings the bell already warns a sign on the ground in front of it.

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By the ringing is the Erzdrachengipfel shrouded in mist and you can now even run on it. So jump on the cloud and run before the big Nebeltor behind which starts the boss fight.

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Attacks the Nameless King

This fight is divided into two completely different phases. In the first phase fights her only against the King of the Storm, Riding the huge bird of the Nameless King. This is really only vulnerable to the head. His attacks include:

  • Circling: The king of the storm flies around in a circle around you, and the Nameless King throws during which a flash on you, which you can avoid by a well-coordinated role. Shortly after, the bird still continues to fall to attack on you. Here, too, helps a role at the right moment.
  • Breath: the bird tilts his head in a long backswing down the left, followed shortly afterwards a fire breath. This is the best way to attack him in the first phase right at his head.
  • Barrage: The king of the storm rises from the state vertically into the air and fires a nationwide barrage among themselves, which caused damage in a large radius. It only helps to run away in time.
  • Attacks from the Nameless King: From the back of the bird you attacked the Nameless King with his spear attacks. Optionally, in combos or with a lightning attack.
  • Wind Attack: The bird flaps its wings, triggering a small storm in front of him.
During the fire breath you have to put some beats the chance.During the fire breath you have to put some beats the chance.

In the second phase you have to do only with the Nameless King. This uses a Lightning Spear with high range. If you too far away from him, he also uses wind attacks that he throws vertically or horizontally on you. Sometimes he also raises his Lightning Spear and pushes him into the ground, resulting in lightning spread in all directions. In the charging phase of the attack, he is vulnerable. he brings his spear into the stop and moves back slightly, following on an spit attack, grabbing you and caused much damage. In the melee he fights with many otherwise beat combos, which is just dodge difficult.

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Tips to Combat Course

  • In the first phase should you give up the auto-aiming, as it can otherwise cause problems in the camera hectic combat action.
  • Oriented you always Bird's head and only smite after an attack from him. Most of the time you have to during the fire breath.
  • Take immediately legs in the hand when the king of the tower stands vertically into the air. It follows shortly after an extensive barrage.
  • We recommend you for the second phase the fight a good sign with high lightning-defense. Best suited here the Dragonslayer Big Shield, which it by the conversion of the soul &# 8220; soul of the Dragonslayer Armor&# 8221; at Ludleth gets. This reduces 95% of the Lightning damage the nameless king.
  • Waived against the Nameless King on Damage type fire, blood flow and flash. Its resistance, however, are too high.
  • Remains in melee always close to it to him and keep your shield up. A little damage will always get here. With a good sign that you can, however, absorb and again attack in the back.
While the King reinforced his spear with lightning, you can attack him.While the King reinforced his spear with lightning, you can attack him.

Loot the Nameless King

For the victory you get the Soul of the Nameless King as 80,000 souls. In addition, you will receive the Achievement The nameless king.

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