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A DIY pallet bed is clever: The stylish range of furniture for the bedroom does not cost a lot of money and can be built according to your own wishes and painted. Who wants to build a bed itself, can quickly reach his individual bed thanks to numerous tutorials on the Internet. The DIY trend continues to spread and rustic furniture from Euro pallets are more and more frequently as an alternative to selling loft bed from the furniture store. Our guide shows how you can build a cozy bed yourselves.

build own bed instead of beds for sale: Furniture from pallets

For a bedroom on the natural look you can build yourself a bed without large machines and numerous professional accessories. Here, a bedstead Euro pallets is inexpensive and easy to machine.

build 1 bed itself - on the pallets it comes to

Beds are especially popular among the range furniture and there are numerous variants, such as the pallet bed can be designed. Commercially both one-way pallets as well as the well-known Euro pallets are used. The Euro range - or European four-way flat pallet - is especially popular because they at do-it-yourself hobbyists:

  • is standardized: Dimensions: 120 x 14,4 x 80 cm
  • is more stable than the one-way pallet
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2 Where there are Euro pallets?

  • many larger companies
  • at haulage firms
  • the bulky trading
  • in particular companies in Palettenhandel
  • in online shops

Frequently you the euro pallets are left for a few dollars. In range trading, it may be slightly more expensive, here you should expect to pay about 15 euros per piece.

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3 materials to build a bed itself

  • Four to five pallets
  • Sandpaper *build own bed instead of beds for sale: Furniture from palletsin at least two different thicknesses
  • Brush, paint roller
  • Lacquer or varnish *build own bed instead of beds for sale: Furniture from pallets
  • Nails (Alternatively, screws, for example, in Size 6)
  • Hammer (Alternatively screwdriver, if you would like screws)
  • saw

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Euro pallets can be found in the supermarket but also in wholesale.

build 4 bed itself: How does it proceed

Furniture from pallets should be thoroughly pretreated, so you guys later surprise no nails or splinters.

  1. Removes protruding nails.
  2. Grinds the pallet wood from well.
  3. Painted wood in the desired color or smeared it with a glaze (yet you come good at all locations zoom).
  4. We recommend that you leave to dry for 3 days pallets to avoid paint damage.
  5. A bed 140&# 215; to build 200 cm, can be enough two pallets, but it's handy if you survive let the wood and thus receive example, bedside tables or shelves. A crib or a super king-size bed can be put together as desired with pallets when you deal saws the Euro pallets.
  6. Sets the euro pallets ever been so down, as you they want to have later. Grabs the mattress out and marked their edges. So you know where you need to saw or leave, so that the pallets optics is some space even more advantage. each screw pallets for the foot part on the long side, you want a bedside table or a shelf, two further sets pallets it at its short side and is screwed together it. Thus they are laterally and offer storage space.
  7. Fixed the pallets together with screws or nails and submit your mattress over it. Finished.

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5 Euro pallet bed: With or without slatted frame?

A pallet bed does not necessarily require a slatted *build own bed instead of beds for sale: Furniture from pallets. But Do you want your old using or is a pallet bed without slatted frame out of the question, the middle wooden base and a side connection must be, because the rust then heard only on the outer edge. Alternatively, you can a frame made of squared timbers to build for the slatted frame.

6 variants of the Euro pallet bed

Who does not want to put on the pallets or slatted version, the mattress simply concerned to Leimholzbretter that are placed on the pallet surface. They are practically even at the bedside tables so that nothing can slip through the cracks. Who does not like sleeping low as on a futon and more preferably a loft bed can easily get your feet in the furniture store or be stacked pallets, screw and put the mattress on it. Would you like rollable furniture from pallets, you can attach as rollers under the pallet bed. For this, suitable furniture four rolls *build own bed instead of beds for sale: Furniture from pallets. Of course you can also DIY bed with storage building, for furniture Euro pallets offer many possibilities. If you secured in the spaces under and beside the mattress lamps, your cozy DIY bed gets a romantic charm.

Here you can see how you can build with lighting a pallet bed:

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