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The digital distribution platform Steam offers you special offers when it comes to video games, music and videos. But many Steam users are wondering if the 32-bit program is also available as a 64-bit client. In this Guide to Steam we go to the question of whether you can download yourselves a 64-bit version.

The internet in various forums discussions about whether it Steam in a 64-bit version are or not. Furthermore, the Steam users discuss whether such a version at all makes sense. In this short guide we tell you if and especially you can download where you the 64-bit client platform.

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Steam as a 64-bit client: Why is not the version

First of all: Steam there Not as a 64-bit version. That should also particularly Windows 10 users upset. So a survey from April 2016 that Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system on Steam in the 64-bit version. About 37 percent of Steam users have the version, which accounts for a third of the users. Thus, this variant of Windows was already 10 molt eight months after release to the most popular system.

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Despite the many interest of a 64-bit version of Steam, Valve did not resist the temptation to publish such a version. But why not? In many forums is wildly discussed. By Steam, however, there no official position. So is conjectured that there are simply too much effort would be in addition to the previous 32-bit version 64-bit program version. After all, Valve would then also bring out updates for both versions.

So far there is no 64-bit version of Steam.So far there is no 64-bit version of Steam.

What is the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit?

is bit 32 and 64 of the MAX records which is distributed among the various programs indicated. With 32-bit operating system has about 4 GB of memory. Does your PC more RAM, so should always be switched to a 64-bit version. However, some old components have no current drivers for 64-bit versions. This will also require more memory, so the programs also more memory occupy.

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On the other hand, a 64-bit system can allocate more memory to a process and larger amounts of data faster to process. However, whether in Steam future chooses to provide a 64-bit version of its clients, is not yet clear. We inform you as soon as Valve has issued an official statement.

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