H1Z1 for PS4: Does the survival game on the PlayStation 4?

Since January 15, 2015, the zombie adventure H1Z1 is available as an early access version on Steam for PC. After the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse you're on your own and have to say you against undead hordes, animals and human players. After the release on PC, the question is how it looks with H1Z1 on the PlayStation 4 is.

H1Z1 for PS4: Does the survival game on the PlayStation 4?

Behind the development of H1Z1 puts the Daybreak Game Company, formerly known as "Sony Online Entertainment." Because the console tradition of Sony also release the survival spectacle offers on other platforms.

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H1Z1 confirmed for PS4 Release unknown

In fact, a PS4 version of H1Z1 was announced. A release date does not exist, although, nevertheless, zombie and Survival fans can look forward to a Sony console to the zombie adventure. So the senior game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt remarked Although no exact release date for the console version, but confirmed this after all. to appear H1Z1 for PlayStation 4 this only when the development of the PC version is complete and the game on Steam works fine. Thus, console gamers have for the time being to be patient and wait until the work was completed on the PC version.

22294H1Z1 Early Access Release Trailer

Furthermore expressed Whisenhunt that the games worlds of PC and PS4 will run separately. Cross-play between H1Z1 for PlayStation 4 and PC, therefore, is not planned.

H1Z1 for PS4: Does the survival game on the PlayStation 4?

H1Z1 comes on PS4, but not on Xbox One

In addition, the PlayStation 4 will be the only platform in all probability, on the Survival Game will be released in addition to the PC. No information is available as to whether H1Z1 only appears as a pure port version on the PlayStation 4 or is equipped with additional features compared to the PC version.

Currently, the Survival Game costs as early access version 20 €, after the final release, the game will be available as a free 2 play version.

With us you learn also how it looks with the implementation of Destiny for PC.

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