Subway Sufers for the PC: How it works (Windows / Mac)

"Subway Surfers" is the "Temple Run" alternative par excellence. A PC version of the game could be true for example with the Flash Player to implement, but simply does not exist. While some flash games with the name can be found on the net in the title, but behind those stuck bad clones. How do you actually get the game on the PC, you learn in this article.

Subway Sufers for the PC: How it works (Windows / Mac)

Subway Surfers for PC

Subway Surfers is a so-called "Endless Runner": In this type of games you get no direct goal in mind set, except for catches of monkeys or other things that are chasing you to escape. Will manage to you of course never give, because the genre names the word "Endless" infected. It applies as much as possible to come, win like a classic game you can in this game does not (unless you're Chuck Norris).

931Subway Surfers: TrailerIn "Subway Surfers" you will get caught by a policeman during Besprayen a train and provides you with him a chase through a maze of trains and train tracks. Here, the game is always rapid and thus more difficult. Various power-ups and additional tasks loosen the game skilfully on.

Subway Surfers for PC: Cheap clones on the net

By the simple control, consisting of only dodge crouching, jumping and to the left or right, a PC version would be pretty easy to play and yet entertaining. For entertaining game would be taken care of in any case. In order to get the game on the computer you should forgo the games offered on the Internet because it only is cheaply produced clones that will yield as much advertising revenue. Part are displayed to you on game sites only trailers that are obviously not playable.

Subway Surfers: So you get the Endless Runner on your PC

In order to get the game on your PC you need first of all the BlueStacks app player. This is available for Windows and Mac computers. Have you installed the program, you have it just open and fall back on one of the pre-installed Android app stores. Here I recommend you the Amazon App Store, where you can download the game for free her.

173450Winload BlueStacks App Player VideoEspecially practical: Have you already downloaded the game via Amazon App Store for Android on your smartphone, the games will remain available. PC control using the arrow keys and is self-explanatory.

Gallery Subway Surfers

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