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(IGN / Jan) Only one series applies to our and the American climes as a perfect embodiment of the Japanese-RPG (J-RPG) and that of course, you know it all, Final Fantasy. Today we give the ultimate subjective answer to the eternal question that awakens with every new installment of the series as a felt three months sleeping: Which is the best of the Final Fantasy games?

Final Fantasy - hits and misses - The ranking

This legendary series that has on the decorated of bastard swords hump already more than 20 years, has grown over time into a world famous giant who pressed addition to the actual role-playing also numerous Actionspiel-, film and other spin-offs out Has. Looking at the infamous focus the series on strong, deep characters, emotional story and sophisticated combat systems, it should not surprise anyone know where this powerful fan base increases their motivation.

And now that the already 13th in the series is coming up and the hype once again growing through the roof, it's time to sort out his twelve predecessors. That should shorten dramatically in the house the then newly burgeoning discussion at least here.

But you also are in demand. Leave us your opinion in the comments and tell us what are your top games of the series!

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12. Final Fantasy XI

Part 11 of the series not only brought online fame, but is also a source of steady income Square-Enix. Despite the mixed criticism that bounced against the game, it has built up an impressively strong community that operates entirely in isolation from the rest of the fans of the series &# 8211; especially online flat. Already in 2002, the game appeared on the PC market, and later for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, but today it is one of the top MMO team in terms of graphics. And thanks to their timeless crafting system and the solid character classes the fans Final Fantasy XI will probably play forever &# 8211; or at least comes to FF XIV.