GTA Online Rockstar removed the money of some players

Some GTA Online players money was illegally withdrawn and now the question arises, what is the reason for the crackdown by Rockstar Games against the players.

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GTA 5 is one of the most successful games of all time and the online mode still enjoys after nearly 4 years of great popularity. In recent days, some GTA online players was the In-game money withdrawn, which is first not new, but says a lot of the players to be innocent.

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According Gamerant all began in a GTA forum as user "SkylineGTRFreak" received a message after logging into GTA Online, which told him that Rockstar has adapted its money on -8498675 dollars. However, with this problem, he was not alone, because it still came forward other players, who claimed to have received a similar message.

Most of them said, Not in unsavory Money glitches involved to have been, which complicates an explanation for what happened. Because Rockstar announced only recently, even tougher action against cheaters in GTA Online. If the cases pile up and innocent players under the "clean-up" suffering, the developers have no choice but to think about it, to reconsider the criteria.

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Is expected to continue this issue, Rockstar could further incite the displeasure of the community, because some players already announced that they keep playing until Rockstar releases the money again. In recent months, anyway prevailed already considerable tensions between GTA online players and Take Two, because the publisher had forbidden the Modder tool OpenIV and allowed it little later.

Was you also illegally withdrawn money in GTA Online?


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