Windows Product Key Viewer Download

The Windows Product Key Viewer download you get a helpful tool that you indicate the product key of your Windows installation, if you want to rebuild your computer, but the product key can not be found.

If you use Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 are, it might even be necessary to reinstall the operating system again on your computer, for example, under certain circumstances, because the system is infected by malware or because you temporarily install a different operating system you had, but then want to have Windows on your computer again.

Windows Product Key Viewer

Windows Product Key Viewer Download: Your savior in lost product key

However, to allow a new installation of Windows on your computer, you need the product key. It is a product key with which the authenticity of the copy of Windows can be verified and without is not possible to install the operating system. This is on the back of your computer if you have these acquired with installed Windows, or if you have purchased a version of the operating system individually on the back of the DVD case.

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Especially if you have Windows purchased on DVD, it can happen quickly, however, that you lose the shell and then you no longer have access to your product key. but in this case you have the Windows Product Key Viewer Download the opportunity to bring this back to experience. The Windows Key Viewer is in fact able to read the product key during operation of Windows.

As the Product Key Viewer works

The Windows Product Key Viewer Download operates very simple. After you have downloaded the tool, you need only unpack the ZIP archive and run the executable file of the program. Then, a small window that you display the product key of your Windows installation is displayed. With the button next to the product key you can still copy the product key in the Windows clipboard.


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