“Delta”: Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 emulator for iOS comes in 2017

With the emulator GBA4iOS to GameBoy games can on iPhones or iPads to play. The developer has now announced with "Delta" a new emulator - which also supports Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games.

"Delta": Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 emulator for iOS comes in 2017

Riley Testut, developer of the popular emulator GBA4iOS on Twitter goodbye, his most famous project - and says hello to succeed "Delta". He linked the possibility equal to the site of the new emulator on the current but only one image and the announcement of a publication in 2017 can be seen. The beta phase will begin in December.

The interesting thing: In the background of the site next to Game Boys and controller of the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 are seen. This means that "Delta" will also be an emulator for the Nintendo game consoles of the 1990s.

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Install a roundabout way emulators on iOS devices

Apple does not allow emulators on the App Store, so it probably will not be using the official Apple site Delta as well as GBA4iOS. However, there are other ways of installation: The simplest is about Builds.io - how it works, learn it in the instructions and on the embedded video below.

Another - more complicated - option is to work with the source code of the emulator and compile this using Xcode and install by "sideloading". Instructions for GBA4iOS example, there is the blog of Bouke van der Bijl.

Source: via Mac Rumors

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