Fallout Shelter: Game or savegame does not start? This can be done

After iOS users can make their own Vault on their feet for weeks, there's fallout shelter since mid-August also for Android smartphones and tablets. In the various device configurations, it is possible that the game will not start or a bug destroys your score.

Fallout Shelter: Game or savegame does not start? This can be done

Here you learn what you can do with problems with fallout shelter.

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Fallout Shelter stops working or does not start?

to fallout shelter will not start, there may be only a small problem with the device. therefore starts your smartphone or tablet to fix startup problems. Even reinstalling the game app can help to create errors from the world. Controls on the Android devices in the "General" on the "Apps" option. Controls in the new window to the entry for the game. Here you can first try the "data" and delete the "Cache". If the game still does not start, Fallout Shelter uninstalled in this way and invite the game down again.

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your smartphone might is simply too weak and too old for optimal playing Fallout Shelter. The iOS version works on iPhone 5, the app for iPhone 6, iPhone is iPad 3 or iPad mini 2, optimized 6 Plus and iPad Air. It is assumed at least iOS 7. Android can you usually directly in the Play store to see if Fallout Shelter works. Devices with a memory with 1GB RAM are not supported.

Fallout Shelter: Game or savegame does not start? This can be done

Fallout Shelter: Save Game does not start, crash in the main menu

A few days after the release of Fallout Shelter for Android is also the complaints about defective Scores, prevent a start of the game are mounting. In the fault of both the overall game progress and in-game purchased content will be lost. Crashes occur with this type of error, especially after the start and before the main menu. The cause of the savegame bug fix a recently against the Lunchbox glitch is suspected.

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Bethesda has not yet responded to the score problems. If Android users no longer have access to their purchased content, there is the possibility of a refund:

  1. Opens Google Play order history of Fallout Shelter right.
  2. "Report a Problem" on the app you can as "defective" to Google's.
  3. In this way a refund is requested.

Fallout Shelter: Game or savegame does not start? This can be done

If there is a statement to the Bethesda savegame problems in fallout shelter, we will inform you.

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