Google birthday surprise: The best games the past 19 years

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The Google birthday surprise 19th birthday is very special. We tell you what it is and with the current Google logo to be what is behind it.

Google birthday surprise: The best games the past 19 years

Google birthday surprise for 19th birthday

Today, 19 years ago on September 27, 1998 Google was officially launched and has since steadily conquered the world. Google is not just a search engine but automatically or involved in almost every area. "Don&# 8217; t be evil "is the motto of Google, which was around the turn of the millennium in focus. In keeping with the birthday Google has integrated course a surprise for visitors to the home page. The Google logo is festively decorated with balloons, party hats, a cake, gifts and of course, the attained age.

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Google Home and the funniest sayings:

63473Google Home: The funniest sayings and Easter Eggs

But there would also be the wheel of fortune that we want to elicit a click. What's behind it?

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Google playful birthday surprise

The Google birthday surprise with the Wheel of Fortune takes us on a journey through time. Clicking on the beautiful make logo, you land on a special page with a wheel of fortune that the games will unlock:

Google Geburtstagsueberraschung-doodle-19-years-Wheel of FortuneTurns the wheel of fortune, playing 19 different games

Behind the 19 fields, different games, which were hidden in recent years behind the Google logo "doodle" hide. At random you can watch the different games so to experience again and playing in the browser on the PC, smartphone or tablet. There are really doing some fun games, such as modifications of tic tac toe, Pac-Man, Snake and other classics. It is operated via the touch screen or the arrow keys on the PC.

Google Geburtstagsueberraschung-doodle-19-years-pac-manGoogle birthday surprise with Pac-Man

It's in any case a lot of fun to spin through the games and so again experience the best doodles. We wish Google a happy birthday! Have you clicked today already on the Google logo?