Instagram smileys: What’s up, how are you and what does not?

In the comments or descriptions we find in Instagram smileys. Sometimes, however, only one box, where you can see other smileys. Where it comes from and what you can do, you read here!

Instagram smileys: What's up, how are you's und was geht nicht?

How quickly finds out when dealing with the Instagram smileys in the different modes of representation, is a problem of operating systems and browsers. Instagram may indeed well be also displayed in a normal Internet browser and since the display and use of the Instagram Smileys is a totally different story.

Instagram smileys: The Operating System hurdle

Instagram is a specially tailored to apps social media thing. Here mobile photos are published, rated and commented on. This includes the use of Instagram smileys and what's possible and what is not, has to do with the apps, but also with the character sets of smartphones. Because otherwise these smileys are on a cell phone. Simple characters, such as letters that are inserted via a keyboard.

You can think of it that way, as the German umlauts Ä, Ü and Ö. Who enabled only an English keyboard, these characters can not write. And on an English phone they are u.U. not even appear. The fonts used simply do not match.

This problem still existed first as a hurdle of the two worlds App iOS and Android. but now everyone can see what the other writes, because both use the same character sets. This is similar to the WhatsApp smileys. Namely, since both in reality is not tied to the app, but on the phone, they can be used anywhere.

A very different story is in the browser representation of Instagram smileys. How will know, you can watch the Instagram images of each user under the address And even there you can look at the images and the associated comments. And here there are differences. Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer to see the smileys, however, this do in black and white. Google Chrome, however, has real problems and shows only basic smileys, such as a heart on. Everything else is displayed as an empty box.

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use special Instagram Smileys computer

The computer keyboard does not lend itself to order graphical smileys characters that can be used for example in Instagram or Facebook. For Facebook, there are special character combinations to show some smileys. About the characters (Y) that turn to Facebook in the small icon with the highly stretched icon. Such combinations for Instagram Smileys there is unfortunately not.

This Instagram smileys can also be used on FacebookThis Instagram smileys can also be used on Facebook

But there under the name &# 8220; New Facebook Emoticons Codes&# 8221; a special page that lists the all of these special smileys. There we can choose whether to mark with the mouse and copy it to the clipboard, so they can be used for example as Instagram Smiley in comments when you call Instagram in the browser. But always remember what I wrote above: Google Chrome failed here miserably.

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