Hulk 3 has bad cards – but Thor 3 will bring comfort

The beginning of his movie career was rather sluggish: Neither Hulk from 2003, even The Incredible Hulk from 2008 attracted the masses to the movies. Only Marvel`s The Avengers Hulk brought the fan base that he deserves. Thus, it would be logical to offer viewers a Hulk solo movie. But Marvel currently can not realize such a production &# 8211; Thor 3, but in this regard can comfort.   

The rumors do not dry up, despite many reports stating otherwise, still circulating alleged plans for World War Hulk, or even Planet Hulk with Mark Ruffalo as the main character. But these films, it is only once not give, even if the requests are numerous for a solo Hulk. The main reason for this is, however, often communicating quite simply, it is about Hulk 3: Marvel would not have the rights to realize such a project.

Hulk 3 &# 8211; Solo film unlikely &# 8211; He remains the most popular minor character

This does not entirely true. is correct that Marvel well holds the rights to the figure Hulk, Universal, however, holds the distribution rights for new Hulk movies. This means Marvel should make a solo Hulk movie, can decide whether they want to take over the distribution Universal. If this is not the case, Marvel could take even that.

Hulk 3

A separate Hulk film is thus not excluded, but it is also not planned. Marvel has already far ahead of planned future and it remains to be seen whether drinsteckt a Hulk in the next available time slot. Currently, the ultimate consolation for all the Hulk fans that he in Thor 3, set with Mark Ruffalo, is already scheduled in any case. Thor: Ragnarok is due in October next year in theaters &# 8211; the enthusiasm for the gamma giants should then also be so large, it might become a Marvel were yet your mind.

Many voices, including the actor Ruffalo, but are of the opinion that Hulk just works better as a minor character in a team.

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