Change iPhone 6 Battery: New Power for Apple phone

Your iPhone 6 does not have more power? Here we show you how breathes him again a new life by changing the battery. We have two tutorials for you: The detailed video instructions and illustrated instructions for experienced screwdriver. All necessary tools are already included in our iPhone 6 battery set.

24272iPhone 6 - Changing the battery

By the way: For iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s we have special battery packs with spare battery, tool and magnetic screws card for you.

1st step &# 8211; Remove screws

Step 1 - Remove the screws


  • Remove Pentalobe screws from the bottom of your iPhone.
  • Be sure to use a Pentalobe screwdriver, otherwise you will damage the screw and it can happen that you do not get the screws out.
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step 2 &# 8211; Remove display

Step 2 - Remove Display


  • Now you have with a suction cup slightly lift the display to pry it with a Plasik tool from its frame. Here again go completely around the display.
  • WARNING: Do not work with metal! otherwise you scratched your case.

step 3 &# 8211; Remove cover plate

Step 3 - Loosen the screws


  • open the display at a 90-degree angle.
  • Remove the five screws in the cover plate.
  • Remove cover plate.
  • WARNING: Sort the screws! There are longer and shorter. If you later incorrectly screwed in, can damage your your logic board.

step 4 &# 8211; solve flex cable

Step 4 - Remove flex cable


  • Four flex cable from the logic board to separate.
  • Always remove flex cable with a plastic tool. If you're working here with metal, it may violate the connectors on the logic board.

step 5 &# 8211; Remove glue

Step 5 - Remove battery


  • The two red solve adhesive from the battery.
  • Then the power strip-like tapes pull out under the battery.
  • Unfortunately, this does not always work. Often the tapes tear, then you have the battery removed by cumbersome lever method.
  • Tip: In our video we show you two options: pull out adhesive and battery out levers.

step 6 &# 8211; Remove cover plate

Remove battery plate and flex cable - Step 6


  • removing the two screws of the cover plate
  • Place the cover plate on the side.

step 7 &# 8211; iPhone 6 Change battery

Step 7 - Installing the battery


  • solve flex cable of the battery.
  • Remove the old battery.
  • Install a new battery and connect the flex cable.

step 8 &# 8211; attach cover plate

Fasten battery - Step 8

  • Laying Akdeckplatte back into place.
  • Secure with the two screws.

step 9 &# 8211; Attach flex cable from the display

Connect Flex Cable - Step 9


  • stand up display in the 90-degree angle at the head side of the smartphone.
  • The four flex cable to the appropriate connectors click.
  • NOTE: Flex cables are sensitive and you should be very careful when inserting click.

step 10 &# 8211; attach cover plate of the flex cable

Step 10 - Secure flex cable


  • Attach cover plate again.
  • 5 by turning the screws in again.
  • ATTENTION: Pay attention to the lengths. A screw in the wrong place can damage the logic board.

step 11 &# 8211; install display

Step 11 - Display close



  •  The display fold down.
  • From above push down into the frame.

12. step &# 8211; fasten screws

Step 12 - purely screws


  • The two Pentalobe screws screw back into it.
  • Tip: To avoid any gap between display and frame remains, you have to press down gently on the display when tightening the screws.

ESD NOTE: Damage to your smartphone by electrostatic discharge (ESD) is possible.
We recommend you to perform a potential compensation by or to use an ESD wristband.

Attention: open your smartphone will void the warranty. Within the warranty period, we recommend you to repair only by lead if the manufacturer does not provide warranty service (for example, when a broken display)


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