Install Android Apps – Here’s how (Android Essentials)

In our series Android Essentials we tell you the basics on the Android operating system. This primarily involves the installation of apps. Small programs that make life easier or more games that are optimal for the train journey or a long stay in the waiting room at the doctor. But how to install apps and where you get it from?

Install Android Apps - important's (Android Essentials)

Apple applied their idea with the slogan There&# 8217; s on app for that, what should testify about that there is always an app for everything, or can give. Android and Apple with their iOS also use its own AppStore, Android is the Play Store and offers applications and games and music, books, movies and magazines in the near future. Of course, everything in the electronic format.

  • Overview: Best Apps

install apps from the Play Store

The Google Play Store has the largest selection of apps and a own editorial the new apps presenting and prominently placed. You can browse through categories and various Toplisten members. Unfortunately, there is only the possibility of paid apps on a Credit card to pay. Other forms of payment such as PayPal, Google has not yet listed. Some mobile operators let the Payment through the mobile phone bill to.

  • If you your Android smartphone hold in your hand, you've probably already created in Google Account or signed you. If this is not the case, you have to do now
  • A Google Account can you directly Create: Create Google Account or Register you out of your smartphone out
  • Tap the Google Play Store icon, if you have already joined you, the store opens completely, if not, you have to sign you
  • Opens her for the first time in the Play store, you must agree to the Google Play Terms of Use
  • After that, the very clear Play Store opens and revealed to you apps, music, books and movies
  • Each application has its own page, where the app is presented and can be evaluated
  • Top Right you will find a button on the To install¬†is, you tap on this button to you the app's permissions displayed
  • Another Tip Accept / Download¬†uploads the file to your phone and installed at the same time
  • Your lands right back on the Play store page of the app and can see a progress bar. A tap on the X on the right side complete the download immediately
  • Using the menu button or the three points on the upper right side of her entering the settings of the Play Store
  • There you can leave you all your apps list and manage them

Gallery Google Play Store

  • (Figure 1.6):Android Play Store 5 - Android Play Store 5
  • (Figure 6.2):Android Play Store 6 - Android Play Store 6
  • (Figure 3.6):Android Play Store 4 - Android Play Store 4
  • (Figure 4.6):Android Play Store 3 - Android Play Store 3
  • (Figure 6.5):Android Play Store 2 - Android Play store 2
  • (Figure 6.6):Android Play Store 1 - Android Play Store 1

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install Android apps from the Internet

There are many different reasons to install applications from the Internet. This could be an alternative market or not approved by Google Apps. But while it is always important to remember where you have the app, as these have often been verified or approved for good reason. but if you still want to take that step, we show you here how to do it.

  • Android prohibits thanks to a default installation of non-Market apps that do not come from the Play Store
  • The setting for unknown apps allow found at Settings / Security / Unknown sources
  • A tip on the option will show you a warning, the should ye sure to read
  • Have you confirmed it, can you strange and unknown apps directly from the Internet or an alternate install Market

Android apps from your computer Install

Google is a convenient way to install apps directly from your computer on your smartphone. For that you have to just open the Play Store in a browser. If you registered on Google, can you apps directly on your Android smartphone install to take into their own hands without the device. just press in the app of your choice To install and selects the device to which you want to install the app.

Google Play Store alternatives

There are quite a few Play Store alternatives on the Internet. Some are practical, others offer a daily free app. Here is a brief overview we will send them with your help can expand. So if you know a worthwhile market, write us in the comments!

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