Pokémon GO crack for smartphone and PC – there’s this?

With the AR app Pokémon GO her your favorite bag monster catch in the real world. The app is available for free for smartphones with Android and iOS operating system. You seek you will not have much luck after a crack version of Pokémon GO. We tell you in this article why.

Pokémon GO can you play online for free and legally - provided your phone meets the necessary Conditions. So you need a Android phone with an operating system of at least 4.4 or higher. If a you iPhone, you need the 5. model or better. In addition, you must always online be. The same applies to your GPS. In our beginner's guide to Pokémon GO You can find more information about the requirements.

That you should know before the game of Pokémon GO:

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Pokémon GO as Crack

Has it a smartphone, what the conditions not supported, you can not help a cracked version. Do you want to Pokémon GO necessarily play, you should at a newer mobile phone change. switch to the PC might work soon. A petition demands that Pokémon GO will be released 10 Mobile for Windows 10 and Windows. As of July 8, at 18 o'clock, have already 17000 supporters signed 25,000 should it be so that the requirement for Nintendo, The Nintendo Company and Niantic, Inc. is sent.

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While cracking versions rumgeistern for other high profile video games on the net, is not expected for Pokémon GO. After all, the app free. The micro-transactions are the only thing you have to pay. But even that is voluntary. Fits particularly on on cheats and hacks that you promise infinite Pokémünzen. These programs play virus on your PC or your smartphone to your dates to snag. As you come into Pokémon Go to the coveted coins, you betrays another guide.

Pokémon GO is already free. So you created no cost &# 8211; unless it uses micro-transactions. free download you can the app. The use is free of charge. For this reason, there will be hardly cracked versions of Pokémon GO.A Zubat just flies so through the streets and the bike looks at - that there is no crack.A Zubat just flies so through the streets and looking at the bike &# 8211; that there is also no crack.

download with APK: Crack version of Pokémon GO

Will ye not officially download Pokémon you GO from the stores, you can you download the latest APK. However, this is not a cracked version, but the official app. Ye need manually load on your smartphone.

Pokémon GO play in Germany - with APK

Similar to a Pokémon-GO-cracking legality is not yet proven. The APK is in a legal gray area. Use at your own risk. Further, it may happen that your Data or your progress will be deleted. However, this is not expected, because you have to register with your Google or Pokémon Trainer Club account and in this way progress saved becomes.

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