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That can happen to anyone. You sit at your PC and have the password for Windows 7 password. What now? Do not panic, ye need not buy a new computer the same. We give you tips on what it should be noted if you just do not want to think of the Windows 7 password.

Windows 7: Forgot your password - So you come back to your PC

We found a trick that ye are come to the back of your computer if you have forgotten the password for Windows. 7 We do not ask questions, as it happened, happened every so times now and then. Unconventional, maybe not exactly as designed by Microsoft, but the trick works all and you are active again on your computer.

Windows 7 Forgot Password: No problem

There is a very simple trick, as you problems in the login screen of Windows can handle 7, for although you have previously make a few clicks and the so-called Ease manipulate. still sounds cryptic? Explains the same.

1. Create a Linux CD

  1. Grants you a little time off and worried you a Linux CD. The can even create her by ye simple Ubuntu 'downloads and burns as .iso to a disc (CD, DVD or USB).
  2. then starts the computer with a CD inserted new, so to boot Linux on startup (if necessary you have to change the boot order yet on CD change)

relink 2. Ease

  1. clicks Try Ubuntu
    • So Linux is not installed on your PC, but merely reproduced the operating system from the live CD. That's enough for the purpose of restoring your Windows 7 password
  2. You come to the desktop Linux, you therefore not surprising that your Windows data are not available here. Click on the upper Command Bar Places > Home Folder
  3. Power in the Linux Explorer now locate your hard drive
  4. Follows the directory path Windows > system32
  5. Now investigating the cmd.exe and pulls it to the desktop
  6. Renames the file on the desktop into utilman.exe
    • The Utilman.exe is the link for the above-mentioned Ease Windows 7 password prompt screen

      Windows 7 Simplified operationBottom left of the Windows 7 lock screen you'll find the Ease of Access

  7. After renaming the cmd.exe on the desktop, you draw the new Utilman.exe back into the System32 folder and confirm that you want to overwrite the old file
    • This has the button Ease is now changed to the Windows password prompt At the command prompt advantage, in which you can change your password or username

3. Windows 7 Create a new password

  1. Includes Linux (top right) and returns to Windows 7
  2. Now click on Ease (bottom left)
  3. In the command prompt you give now a as follows:
  4. net user (then enter the user name here) *

    windows 7 Change password utilman_exeJust give a new password for the user and you're back in Windows 7

  5. Now you will be prompted to enter a new password, this repeated again and choose a password wisely (so you do not forget again)
  6. Close the command prompt, and give one the just typed password in Windows 7


Of course, this trick can also be misused for criminal applications. However, we refrain from These kinds of suggestions, our only desire is to help you.

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