DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling

A so-called hybrid connector combines the modern LTE 4G mobile standard with the traditional DSL connection. By channel bundling LTE connection and DSL line so top speeds are achieved that are not possible with traditional DSL line in certain regions. Read below the practical guide, what benefits you bring DSL LTE hybrid which hardware you need and what tariffs are available.

DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling

Many smartphones are driving the 4G network and do not even know that LTE can also speed up the DSL connection, especially in rural areas. Especially when it is there difficult to use streaming services like Amazon Prime Instant Video, a speed upgrade can help: The combination of wireless and DSL connection is intended to increase resources as needed. A pioneer in the market is Telekom. The Magenta home hybrid offer available bundles LTE and fixed network without throttling the speed after a certain amount of data.

the magenta home tariffs*

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Benefits of DSL LTE hybrid technology

The combination of fixed DSL connections and LTE radio also in areas without DSL broadband standard fast Internet access (up to 100 Mbit). Here intelligently determines as necessary, how much data is to be transmitted at what speed. This means, for example, the slower the DSL connection, the more data transmission via LTE uses over the air. For larger amounts of data - if you streams such as movie or high invites a larger amount of data - the LTE connection is switched on.

Checked your Internet with DSL Speed ​​Test

Then a high-speed LTE hybrid tariff worth

Especially mobile flat rates are often no real Flats: Usually the speed is throttled when a certain volume is reached. A hybrid LTE broadband model that sustains you unconditionally without limited monthly data. In areas where there is more of a sub-optimal DSL infrastructure and quasi exists a bandwidth gap, the combination of mobile and fixed network connection can be the ideal solution. The condition is that DSL or VDSL and LTE is available in the room concerned. It must also be any of IP DSL connection. These IP connections are not yet widely available in rural areas.

to the DSL LTE hybrid offerings Telekom*

Do you already have cable Internet or VDSL with over 25 Mbit, the DSL LTE hybrid connector is rather little sense.

DSL LTE hybrid

DSL LTE hybrid bid for Telekom

So far only the German Telekom takes off with its hybrid offering. Closes her a contract with the company that will offer you this:

  • Internetflat without speed throttling
  • Landline phone Flat
  • 2 lines
  • 3 numbers
  • 25GB Magenta Cloud online storage

To book a magenta home hybrid tariff and use at least 384 kbit / s should be achieved in the download. Your also requires a special hybrid router. Telekom provides you the Speedport Hybrid wireless router *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling s can transmit for rent or available for purchase, the signals in theory up to 150 Mbit / s. As you can quickly her to surf and what you maximum cost of high-speed fun, you can extract the following table:

Magenta home rates (as of 06.15.2016)hybrid Shybrid Mhybrid L
DSL or. LTE flat rate max. downloadup to 16 Mbit / sup to 50 Mbit / sup to 100 Mbit / s
DSL or LTE flat rate max. Uploadup to 2.4 Mbit / sup to 10 Mbit / sup to 40 Mbit / s
minimum requirementDSL to 16 MbitVDSL 50VDSL 100
Supply price once, unless a Telekom telephone connection is available69.95 euro69.95 euro69.95 euro
Monthly price from29,95 euro34.95 euro39,95 Euro
Speedport Hybrid router month9.95 EUR + 6.95 € one-time shipping9.95 EUR + 6.95 € one-time shipping9.95 EUR + 6.95 € one-time shipping
DSL LTE hybridWith DSL LTE hybrid of the DSL connection can be pimped.

The Speedport Hybrid router

The hybrid router that you provides the telecom, combines the advantages of DSL connection and 4G wireless connection.

  • He uses the LTE bands 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz.
  • The router communicates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz range in the WLAN.
  • There may be two analog phones *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling or alternatively 5 IP phones *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling be connected.
  • He also has a USB port for printer *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling and other devices.
  • If the LTE signal are amplified, two external antennas *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling be plugged into SMA connectors.

Telekom Speedport Hybrid

LTE high-gain antenna for Speedport shopping*

Tips on the Telekom magenta Home DSL LTE hybrid tariffs

The should you consider when you want to fix you a hybrid LTE DSL rate at Telekom:

  • Directly on the website of the Magenta home packages *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling can you check the availability for your address.
  • In all three tariff variants you have a Minimum contract term of 24 months. The minimum contract period for the router is 12 months. You can buy for about 400 euros DSL LTE hybrid router. Checks the offers because the Speedport Hybrid wireless router, there is often less expensive, such as Amazon *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling.
  • If ordered online instead of via the hotline, there are 10% Discount the monthly fee - but only in the first year. This results in the option hybrid M accordingly 29,95 € instead of 34,95 euros per month, but the rent for the router remains the same.
  • Regardless of the desired tariff costs increase in the second year. For example, the first 12 months hybrid M costs EUR 34.95 per month in the second year are 39.95 euros a month overdue (as of 15/06/2016).
  • You can do it EntertainTV Plus *DSL LTE hybrid high-speed Internet without throttling to book and thus about 100 TV channels (47 in HD) receive and view selected programs up to 7 days later.

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