PayPal Problems – How do you solve it

The online payment service PayPal is extremely practical. You can buy you the greatest things, not even have to leave the house and can handle the payment directly with a few clicks. Just who buys international, PayPal does not want to miss. But what if there are problems with Paypal? We clarify you on of the most common Paypal problems and show you what you have to do to shop online without interference.

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PayPal problems with log-in

Main Problem number 1: You have problems with the log-in and can not log in to PayPal you. When log in you must specify both your email address and your password. So you made sure that the two agree.

  1. You must specify necessarily your e-mail address. Your name does not accept PayPal.
  2. The email address may also contain spaces.
  3. Remember at the end of the e-mail address each domain name extension ( ".com", ".net", ".com", etc.).

For the password applies:

  1. The password can not contain spaces
  2. The password must contain at least 8 characters
  3. Pay attention to upper / lower case. Here happen to experience has shown that most of the errors.
  4. In general, you should also always choose a secure password. Our products Secure Password: Top Tips and memory aids told you how.

Forgot Password. What now?

It becomes more difficult when you have completely forgotten the password. In this case you have to reset it manually.

  1. Under the log-in is window her the e-mail address or password option forgotten. Click on it.
  1. Now pops up a dialog window that prompts the you will your e-mail address and a security code. Do that and clicks on.
PayPal 3
  1. PayPal will now verify your identity to prevent unauthorized gain access to your account. You have the choice between an automatic call or the verification email. Below we explain the e-mail verification. Simply click on "E-Mail". Paypal will now send you a verification code.
      1. Give this code and clicks on.
      1. PayPal wants to know for sure. The following is a further verification - this time you have the choice between an automatic call and a confirmation prompt. Click on the second option.
Paypal account
      1. Now you will answer asked the security question. The answer you have when stored when you first create the account. Selects here the best things that you do not forget, for example, Mother's maiden name or place of birth.
      1. Almost there: Now you can enter a new password. Confirmed it once and click on "Next".
Paypal 7
      1. That's it. With the password you can log in to PayPal you now.


If you still have questions about password problems, you can forget the password for security also again in our guide PayPal - what to do? get information on what options you have.

More tips for problems with PayPal

  • Pay attention, this is enabled in the browser "allow cookies" option.
  • PayPal requires cookies to your data store between so that you can be identified by several hits of time. Depending on what browser you use, you will find your cookie settings at a different location.
  • In Mozilla Firefox cookies Privacy tab. By default cookies are enabled in Firefox: Respect for problems that the option is marked with a tick.
  • also ensures that the "Accept cookies from third-party" option is enabled.

FireFox cookies


Still having problems?

Also PayPal is not perfect: If you continue to have problems with PayPal, it may simply be due to an internal fault. A practical method to find out the website offers www.allestö Here you can see in real time and on a daily basis whether PayPal present current disorders and other users also have problems. If so, it means: wait and see. The problem is usually resolved within a few hours.

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