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In Resident Evil 7 you've got to gradually the boss battles are facing the family Baker. This bizarre family ties harbors a dark secret and you will at the end of the story an inkling get what this is. Until then, only reload and hew true! We show you on this page, as you can defeat Jack Baker.

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Beware before you spoilers and jumps directly to the first section! The biggest problem of Jack Baker is in Resident Evil 7, he just does not seem to die. Shoots him full of bullets, puts it in a fire or crushed him &# 8211; all the same, he comes back and even in different versions. It is therefore important to know how you should proceed in the individual stages. Finally balls are rare and limited your life. Therefore, we show you in the following sections, as her fighting Father Baker family can win. We show you in our video, as we have defeated Jack.

15614Resident Evil 7 in the test


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Resident Evil 7: Jack Baker defeat the boss fight

The creepy Mr. turns you into the garage opposite. Shortly after her first storage space have discovered telephone rings and you recognize a police officers behind the window. Now, you visit the garage and be addressed by the police. What happens next&# 8230; well &# 8211; you are now in any case alone with Jack. There are different ways you can make the fight, we'll show you what:

  • After Jack killed the policeman, you have to move you to the table with the old lamp and suspension for tools. There you will find the Car key.
  • now running for automobile and sit at the helm.
Resident Evil defeat Jack 7The key to happiness in the boss fight against Jack.
  • Ride on Jack and tries several times to run over.
  • Uses best forward and reverse alternately.
  • Jack now reaches even into the car and lets you both go to the wall.
  • Rises out of the car and look for the Gun of the policeman.
  • Missed the burning Jack a few headshots and he remains lying now.

The video for the garages action:

87Resident Evil 7: Fight against Jack Baker

Jack is back! The second boss fight against the father

We hope that we tell you too much, but Jack is not end after the first fight. You meet him a second time when her Red Dog's head collect. Suddenly you unpacked Jak from behind threatening you with a crazed gun. He does not cut you to pieces, you should follow these steps:

  • Pay attention to sufficient availability in your inventory. You need the chainsaw and this requires a lot of space.
  • hanging in space body bags, which you can push against Jack, that you distance can win.
  • Now you can either Jack with a shotgun or head shots with the pistol weaknesses. Do not be surprised, he regenerates his wounds&# 8230;
  • In the next phase Jack opens the Gittertor and you've got to the chainsaw grab.
Resident Evil defeat Jack 7At this gloomy place you meet again at Jack in Resident Evil. 7
  • Do you have the chainsaw in the hands, it's time to trim Jack. a couple of times attacks him and soon he was to give in.
  • Jack begins to mutate and you should give him now the rest.

If you have just finished the fight, should you not more, to save you any surprises. But before that our video for the second fight against Jack:

763Resident Evil 7 second fight against Jack Baker

Jack the mutant &# 8211; the last battle

Why not remain Jack dead? More detailed information can be found in our article about everywhere in Resident Evil 7. Will you not spoil you, then read the text later. Now is the first to defeat the mutated Jack. in the boathouse met you a hideous version of the father, and he is not only powerful, but also extremely depressed and you can already &# 8220; almost&# 8221; feel sorry for him. Once you've saved any sympathy, you should take your weapon in hand and follow the next steps:

  • Shoot at the eyes! Jack has had enough of it and you can do much damage.
  • Take a different positions because the monster has at various points eyes and can bring out their maximum damage when you meet them all.
Resident Evil defeat Jack 7Go for the eyes, they are the weak point of Jack.
  • Best hidden are the eyes on the lower body. Make your way into the water and attacks from there.
  • Near the end, it is hectic. You have little time and you should make sure that your mortar or your shotgun are recharged. Shoots quickly to the eye and the fight is won.

The last video about Jack Baker:

262Resident Evil 7 fight against mutated Jack

Do you still have more tips on how you made Jack finished off? Share them in the comments.

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