PlayStation 5: Sony confirmed that there will be a new console

In an interview with the head of Sony reveals that the game world can look forward to the PlayStation 5 long term.

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You've probably already expected, but now it has been officially confirmed: Sony wants to bring in the long run, the fifth PlayStation to the market. So Sony CEO Shawn Layden that the company will do in the long term to a new generation of consoles in the form of a PlayStation 5 announced in an interview with

This exclusive title coming in 2017 for PS4

Furthermore, stresses Layden that the electronics group distinguished only an extension of the current console cycle with the PlayStation 4 Pro, but the conventional PS4 should not be replaced thereby. So you'll still be able to play all PS4 titles on both the standard console and possibly in better quality on the PS4 Pro in the future.

Here you can have get the PS4 Pro*

With specific information on the PlayStation 5, Sony still retains; the only thing we know is that it is the PS5 definitely "eventually" give even is.


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