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You can delete iCloud photos and videos and free up space in this way, which you can use for other purposes. We show how you can iCloud photos via your phone, on the computer or delete online.

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With iCloud you get from Apple up to 5 gigabytes of free storage, which you can you use for photos, videos, or creating backups. Of course you can delete the photos again if you no longer needs them. It does not matter from which terminal it accesses the cloud storage from Apple, because the images between the various devices are synchronized.

Delete iCloud Photos &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

The easiest way you delete the iCloud photos directly on your smartphone. To ensure that the photos are synchronized, you go into the settings, type in there on your name and then select the menu item directly from iCloud. In the next menu you typed then click Photos and ensures that the iCloud Photo Library option is enabled. Then you can delete the photos from iCloud.

Clear iPhone PhotosHere you delete the photos in the photo app on the smartphone.
  1. First opens the Photo app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. then taps the collection of the photos that want to delete it.
  3. then taps the upper right Select.
  4. Now you simply select the photos that want to delete her by her she taps.
  5. Finally you typed even the trash can icon on the bottom right.

The iCloud photos are then deleted from the terminal. However, they are not yet fully in the digital nirvana. If you typed in the photo app on the bottom bar on albums and a little scrolls in new menu down, look there for deleted a folder called last. Here are the photos that have cleared their last &# 8211; usually they are kept up to 30 days after deletion and only then permanently deleted. The number of days is in each case in the picture - if you want to delete the photo directly from the iCloud, which of course goes into this folder.

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Delete iCloud photos on the computer

If you just sit at the computer, you can also delete the photos there. Search there for the directory iCloud and there the upload and download folder. All the pictures are deleted her there also removed from the iCloud library.

Delete iCloud Photo PC

Delete iCloud photos online

Alternatively, you get in touch online at the address and navigate there to the menu item photos.

iCloud delete online

Here you will find an overview of all the photos you have stored on your iCloud.

iCloud photos Delete online

  • On the left side you can navigate through the various collections and albums.
  • To delete a photo, you click with the left on the photo and then click the trash icon at the top right.
  • To delete multiple photos at once, you hold down the Ctrl key while you click on the photos with links.