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More than 20 extensions can get you for The Sims 3 her. These add-ons add you an additional content, game mechanics and features. While the third part of the simulation is for years outdoors &# 8211; but still the community celebrates him as the best part. In this Special to The Sims 3, we introduce you to all 20 extensions for the simulation.

Who is a fan of the Sims series, know that every part a bunch of add-ons and extensions holds. Even for the current part The Sims 4 there are already some expansion packs that you promise more content for the main game. The developers keep trying to produce new add-ons, which previously never been seen in the parts. Buys ye expansions for The Sims 3, can you travel to distant lands, be famous singers, keep pets, going to college or drag as a vampire through the nights.

With the introduction of The Sims 4 gender options are expanded:

12334The Sims 4 expands gender optionsStart Photogallery(11 images)The best games of character editor - Here you can create your character you yourself

The Sims 3 before enlargement: Amendments to The Sims 2

Before any the first expansion for Sims 3 appear could the basic game had to be first releast &# 8211; and that was on June 4, 2009. After its predecessor had taken the way to the real three-dimensionality, the next step should be done now: a stronger artstyle, more space and a own autonomous world. And that works to the present day &# 8211; Sims 3 looks great today. The community is still very active and there are countless small and large mods to the game gigantic setup and Life Simulator expand the world has ever seen &# 8211; at the expense of loading times.

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especially the freedom had done to the players there. Almost without limits, the Sims can walk through the world and visit friends. In the current section The Sims 4 were these introduced limits again, which has led to an uproar in the community. Unlike The Sims 3, the realistic representation of a cartoon drawing has given way &# 8211; then the organizers have again approached earlier parts. the 3-SIMS extensions

All extensions and add-ons for The Sims 3 in detail

Overall, there are 20 extensions 3. The Sims The first extension was World Adventures, the kidnapped you in three different holiday destinations. She was released about 5 months after the release of the main game. The last extension is called Into the Future and was released in October, 2013, ie 4 years after the release of The Sims 3. The following table gives you a brief overview of the published expansions for The Sims 3:

CoverSurnamekindrelease date
the SIMS 3-extensions-ReiseabenteuerWorld adventuresextensionNovember 19, 2009
the SIMS 3-extensions-luxury accessoriesLuxury AccessoriesStuff Pack4 February 2010
the SIMS 3-extensions-AmbitionsAmbitionsextension2 June 2010
the SIMS 3-extensions-gib-gas-accessoires"Fast Lane" -AccessoiresStuff Pack9 September 2010
the SIMS 3-extensions-late-nightLate NightextensionOctober 28, 2010
the-sims-3-extensions-design-garden-accessoriesDesign garden accessoriesStuff Pack3 February 2011
the SIMS 3-extensions-lebensfreudeenjoyment of lifeextensionJune 1, 2011
the 3-SIMS extensions City AccessoriesTown LifeStuff PackJune 28, 2011
the-sims-3-extensions-easy-animalsimply TierischextensionOctober 20, 2011
the SIMS 3-extensions-Traumsuite-accessoiresDream Suite AccessoriesStuff PackJanuary 26, 2012
the SIMS 3-extensions-showtimeShow timeextension8 March 2012
the SIMS 3-extensions-Katy Perry suesse-worldKaty Perry's Sweet TreatsStuff PackJune 7th 2012
 the 3-SIMS extensions diesel AccessoriesDIESEL AccessoriesStuff Pack12 July 2012
the 3-SIMS extensions super-naturalSupernaturalextension6 September 2012
the SIMS 3-extensions-seasonsSeasonsextensionNovember 15 2012
the 3-SIMS extensions 70s-80s-90s-accessoires"70s, 80s & 90 "-AccessoiresStuff PackJanuary 24, 2013
the 3-SIMS extensions Wild-student lifeWild study lifeextensionMarch 7, 2013
the SIMS 3-extensions-island paradiseisland paradiseextensionJune 27, 2013
the SIMS 3-extensions-movie-accessoiresMovie AccessoriesStuff PackSeptember 12th, 2013
the-sims-3-extensions-into-the-futureInto the FutureextensionOctober 24, 2013

The pack in The Sims 3 differ in extension and Stuff Pack. The first adds you gameplay enhancements, furniture, clothing, hairstyles and often new cities added. Stuff pack &# 8211; The name suggests so &# 8211; bring you only accessories. Although some new interactions can this happen, however, the content is limited almost exclusively to new furniture, clothes, hairstyles, etc.

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: World Adventures

&Reiseabenteuer; # 8220&# 8221; already showed where the long journey of the series will result: ever new, but also more expensive content. And almost half a year after the release of Sims 3. However, the price also has its justification here&# 8217; s not just about a few new chairs and a few skins, there are a lot &# 8211; if you want. Because when you feel like you can travel to one of the three countries and just make his Sims vacation. So it goes towards Egypt, France and Asia &# 8211; so why not?

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780The Sims 3 - World Adventures Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: luxury accessories

With Luxury Accessories are a lot of models for the Traumloft been added. Designer furniture, flat screens, great sound systems, aquariums. And what is lacking on this? The right clothes. the own Sim can even feel really classy clear lines and fine materials. Overall, 5 new hairstyles, 15 tops, 6 pants, 18 outfits, six pairs of shoes and 40 different furniture and furnishings there.

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470The Sims 3 - luxury accessories: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Ambitions

Previously, the number of job offers but the Sims pretty weak, that changed 2 June 2010 &# 8211; almost exactly a year after the release of the original game &# 8211; abruptly! Now the Sims can be the last, what you have always dreamed. But there was not the end, because instead of a boring notification that the Sim now had to work, you can now watch the Sims in their work and may, if necessary, control yourself. Will private investigators, scientists, Inventor, architect, tattoo and much more.

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549The Sims 3 - Ambitions Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; extensions: &# 8220; Lane&-Accessoires; # 8221

The Rolling Sixties find their way to the ledge that can finally chase off with a really classic cars. With the trait &Auto freak; # 8220&# 8221; you can also build a solid relationship with his cars. But in addition to the 60, there are also known cars in 1940, racing and sports cars, and even a motorcycle is in.*

341The Sims 3 - "Accelerate"-Accessoires: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Late Night

So far, the Sims had no night life &# 8211; that changes with this. Whether going out as a star and go to the paparazzi out of the way or dance really sleep Club &# 8211; that's up to one alone. These are the Careers in film and music to come &# 8211; all right, now the Sims can Rockstars become. The expansion pack was released on 9 September 2010 and is the fourth Sims 3 expansion, which came on the market.

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334The Sims 3 - Late Night Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: design garden accessories

The luxury accessories have the gardens Totally forgot &# 8211; and that's enough these Sims after 3 extension. With the many Garden furniture, plants, bushes and outdoor plants there is plenty of space for big ideas and creativity, which will be used. Along with new pools and an open-air kitchen, the virtual summer come for the Sims.

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425The Sims 3 - Design garden accessories: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Generations

in already seventh add-on for Sims 3, which came out on June 1, 2011 is all about the various life stages of Sims &# 8211; and the establishment of a (large) family. Those who wish can celebrate his wedding and really relax at retirement. The most important events in the life of a Sim can hold in the memory system, and later on the Sims-side and Facebook divide. The add-on was accordingly properly time when everyone absolutely had to networking.

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583The Sims 3 - Generations: Teaser Video

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Town Life

After a really big extension and the content patch is coming. This time, with many items that you can use as a big-city tigers, like a Treadmill, climbing frames and designer furniture. In addition, the community lot &# 8220; Leckerknabber cafe&# 8221; come fresh to it. Town Life appeared on June 28 2011th

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268The Sims 3 - Town Life: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Just Beastly

Finally, two years after release there Pets. And which have their own history, their own history and their own personality. Regardless of whether Dog, cat or horse, the best friends of Sims have been missing. And they can make friends with the wild animals in the neighborhood, too. (Spoiler: A unicorn are also available!) The expansion pack released on October 20, 2011 brings an animal household into the world of Sims 3 and was one of the most-desired most expansion packs community.

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402The Sims 3 - Generations Pets: Teaser Video

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Dream Suite Accessories

The fifth Stuff Pack revolves around the sleeping habits the Sims. With new pajamas, new beds, bedside tables, bedroom furniture and a few other hairstyles can finally be really good sleep &# 8211; something with which man and the Sim spends over 30% of his life. The Dream Suite accessories have been published on 26 January 2012 and available, for example through Amazon. The trailer is, however, by the community as the &# 8220; obscene Porn Trailer&# 8221; decried.

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598The Sims 3 - Suite Accessories: Launch Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Showtime

The next big Sims 3 expansion is Show time and takes care of the perfect stage performance. The expansion pack, which was released on 8 March 2012 aims, creating the perfect show. With a lot of work, it is possible that your own Sim even really famous becomes. Regardless of whether Acrobat, DJ, singer or maybe sorcerer? That's all up to your own taste. Along with many new content itself offers a whole new lifeline for the Sims. 3

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251The Sims 3 - Showtime: Release Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Katy Perry's Sweet Treats

Who&# 8217; s like really colorful, which is the &# 8220; Katy Perry's Sweet Treats&# 8221; -Erweiterungspack well served. Of course, should not wrapped in latex on the packaging Katy Perry absence. Enlargement has made in the older community for great excitement and was far less popular than the other extensions. Next colorful clothes contains this Stuff Pack also Furniture and interaction objects.

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196The Sims 3 - Katy Perry's Sweet Treats: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: DIESEL Accessories

In this Stuff Pack which is then current fashion of diesel contain &# 8211; and of course was another exclusive contract and a broad promotional platform for the apparel producers. In addition to clothing furnishings are in this add-on also available that your urban loft a Industrial style impress.

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162The Sims 3 - DIESEL Accessories: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Supernatural

That the Sims 3 expansion is the same name with the well-known series, is no coincidence. In the expansion there are plenty of supernatural beings and abilities to find &# 8211; coupled with a constant Lunar cycle. As of the date, on 6 September 2012, shortly before Halloween, perfect for the Monsters and supernatural creatures experience on the home computer. And who has not his personal hatred-Sim, which can be finally cursing times as a witch?

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409The Sims 3 - Supernatural: Release Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Seasons

Was before&# 8217; s only green in Sims 3 &# 8211; now is finally a fixed annual rhythm in the game. With seasons, there is now finally Holidays, festivals and a lot of activities to the individual seasons. The Weather also changes so over the course of a year. This is the most popular expect Expansion Pack that the community wanted for Release &# 8211; and made its debut at last on November 15, 2012. Just the right time when winter is driving people back to the computer.

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415The Sims 3 - Seasons: Release Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; extensions: &# 8220; 70s, 80s and 90s&# 8221; - Accessories

Travels to a funky time back that you neon colors and rock&# 8217; n&8217; Roll offers. disco balls and record player from the 70s, Video game consoles and Entertainment systems from the 80 and grunge and worn furniture from the 90s. More Firsuren and new beards complete the stuff pack.*

660The Sims 3 - 70s, 80s & 90 Accessories: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Wild Student Life

That too students life is at a premium in the Sims. As the entire audience is aged four whole years since release &# 8211; and the younger audience now to School exams and study stress should take care of, or at least the verge &# 8211; fits this Expansion Pack to do just that. Instead of the phone interface, which supports any Sim with them, there is now a as a substitute Smartphone &# 8211; in which may even shatter the display. Strange, however: There is now a new species of Sims &# 8211; the Plant Sims.

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428The Sims 3 - Wild Student Life: Announcement Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: island paradise

From the second holiday. After the first holiday extension is&# 8217; s still time to Island. The expansion pack was released on June 27, 2013 &# 8211; So almost exactly four years later. In the holiday resorts there are great Underwater reef to discover and Mermaids can be found. There is also now House boats, where you can live it creatively. My personal favorite among the many features: Arbitrary octopus attacks. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

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400The Sims 3 - Island Paradise: Trailer

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Movie Accessories

All movie fans come at their expense. The pack, which was released on September 12, 2013, deals with the best movies of all time. including typical Western film, creepy Horror Movies and the greatest Heroes and Villains in film history. are the props, costumes and accessories&# 8217; s in this content patch, which thus represents the last official accessories title. Who is this John Wayne?

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170The Sims 3 - Movie accessories: Trailer superhero

The Sims 3 &# 8211; Extensions: Into the Future

As astronomer earn his money? portals use? robot develop? Send your Sims into the future? This works out! The last extension was published on 24 October 2013, thereby closing a big chapter for a great game. With visions of the future and a private robotic Sim you can shape the future as you want it. Here you Ururururenkel your visits in the future and told them about their roots.

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1406The Sims 3 - Into the Future: Announcement Trailer

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