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Hardly the LG G5 was introduced at MWC 2016, can protect the device even buy - more precisely, pre.

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LG G5 Pre-order on Amazon now*

With the LG G5 of the South Korean manufacturer evaluates to be this year's flagship smartphone compared to the LG G4 from 2015 to meaningful, or at least innovative, technical features and missed the high-end smartphone latest hardware. Thus, the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core and 64-bit architecture, 4 GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory are installed, which can be expanded via microSD card. The display measures 5.3 inches in diagonal screen and triggers sharp with WQHD resolution from. Moreover can be found on the back of the fingerprint sensor and a dual-camera setup, allows wide-angle shots of up to 135 degrees. In addition, the LG G5 can be upgraded by more or less ingenious hardware functions using modules by the Magic Slot. For example, CAM Plus and LG Hi-Fi Plus module is available, which give the device not only additional battery capacity, but also dedicated camera buttons or a DAC for better sound.More info

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Buy LG G5: pre-order price right?

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Those who want to pre-order the LG G5 directly, will eventually put off by the price: Amazon and Co. currently give a price of 749 euros. Thus the alleged retail price is not only that of the Samsung Galaxy S7, but also 100 and 50 euros on the recommended retail price of the previous year unit. Whether prices may still be adjusted, is still unclear.

Tip: To pay excessive prices and to benefit from the potentially adjusted (downward) price, we recommend a pre-order the LG G5 without a contract at Amazon: Not only do you get there the best rate to delivery, but also can cancel at any time free of charge.

  • Pre-order on Amazon *Buy LG G5: Prices and Pre - with and without contract
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LG G5 pre-book with the contract: So far, no purchase option

So far, no offers providers the LG G5 to pre-order a contract to. That should be a matter of time; we will resent that as soon as there is more information.