Samsung Galaxy S4: – solved wifi problem “Authentication failed”

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 since newest displays the message &# 8220; Authentication failed&# 8221 ;, when you try to connect with a wireless network? But that you are not alone. We have some methods on how you can access your Wifi network again.

Samsung Galaxy S4: & quot; authentication failed & quot; - wifi problem solved

The Samsung Galaxy S4, like other smart phones also its problems. A relatively common is the authentication error when connecting to the WLAN. There could be several reasons.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Authentication Failed &# 8211; solutions

1. Turn off Bluetooth

samsung galaxy s4 bluetoothBluetooth and Wi-Fi produce radio waves. In the case of the authentication failure of the S4, it may sometimes happen that these shafts are mutually so influence (interference wave) that a common operation is not guaranteed.

It has proven useful to switch off Bluetooth for connecting to the WLAN. Has your Galaxy S4 then connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can turn on the wireless connection again.

This problem occurs most frequently on the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android Jelly Bean 4.3.

restart / disable WME 2. Router

Samsung and D-Link are aware of the Wi-Fi connection problem between Galaxy S4 and DIR routers are affected since May 2013. Of these, especially the devices DIR-655 and DIR-855, which can cause by a bug in the firmware authentication failures.

wme disable-gigaD-Link: Does her one of the mentioned DIR router, you can in the configuration menu to clear the WMM

Has her such a device, reboot the router and switches the Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME, but also WMM) from. Finds her in the configuration settings of your router in the browser interface (s. Screenshot above).

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Galaxy S4: solving the authentication error via hotkey and App

1. GSM codes (shortcuts)

One more way, &# 8220; Authentication failed&# 8221; forever banish from the display, the input of a GSM code that disables the power saving feature of the WiFi module.

  1. Give it * # 0011 # on
  2. navigate to the menu and selects WiFi
  3. now switches to Energy Safe Mode out

2. App WiFi Fix and Rescue

It is disputed whether the app FXR WiFi fix and rescue can solve the authentication problem of the Galaxy S4, but there are also positive feedback. We list the ability to reason, but a word of warning before that there are also those who claim that the app had aggravated everything.

Have all of the above solutions do not work, you should consider this app.

FXR WiFi fix and rescuedownloadQR codeFXR WiFi fix and rescueDeveloper: BrilliappsPrice: Free

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