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On your journey through the world of Dark Souls 2 you meet so many character who offers you to join his Covenant. We give you an overview of the various oaths in the game, what requirements they have and what rewards deploy the Alliances for you, you should prove you worthy.

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Dark Souls 2 covenants: These oaths there

9 different oaths can discover in Dark Souls. 2 They differ mainly by their orientations on Koop, PvE and PvP. So you can help to further increase the difficulty of the game or come into the worlds of sinners and they fight as revenge minds about other players in boss battles.

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Eid blue path

DS2 blue-off

After you are for the first time in Majula, you can afford Saulden this oath at the NPC. He stands next to the stone on which the death of all players are registered worldwide. Will you attacked by a player phantom members can this oath, bearing the seal ring, come to your aid, if they are nearby.

0-blue seal
1Defeat 1 PhantomBlood Bite Ring
2Defeat 5 Phantomssaying &Silence; # 8220&# 8221;
3Defeat 10 PhantomsBlue Tears stone ring

Eid the company of champions


Also in Majula, you can take the oath at Victor Stone, which increases the difficulty of the game considerably. Therefore, you should consider you well if you want to enter this oath right at the start. As a reward you waving honor stones that you can gradually move up in rank.

0-champion&# 8217; s Tablet
110 Honor stones sacrificedmagic weapon
225 Honor stones sacrificedFirst Dragon Ring
350 Honor stones sacrificedSeal Vanquisher

Oath of bells Guardian

DS2 bell guardian

This oath is within the lost fort to see the moon tower. This area is behind a wall hidden below a beacon. There you will find a dwarf who receives you in the alliance. Here, your task is to invade and into the world of other players to stop them, to press the bell high up in the moon tower.

0-Bell guard seal 5 Rusty coins
1beat 10 playerstitanium plate
2beat 30 playersconcealed weapon
3Defeat 100 playersBell-keeper equipment

Oath of the rat king

DS2 rat king

Have you defeated the Rattenvorhut in the Holy grave, you get a rat's tail, to show her the rat king in the grave chamber behind it and can then join this Eid. From now on you have to protect other alliances, the territories of the rats king's players. To this end, on their traps and get for defeating incident players more rat tails.

0-Coat of arms of the Rat
1sacrifice 10 rats tails10 small, smooth, silky stones
2sacrifice 20 rat tails10 smooth, silky stones
3sacrifice 35 rat tailsSlumbering Dragon Signet Ring

Oath of blood brotherhood

DS2 blood

After a successful battle against the skeletons in Prince hunters grove or the hangman car in the hall of the undead, you are allowed to take the oath at the NPC Gren. However, only when a sign of resentment is in your inventory. Answered all his questions with &# 8220; Yes&# 8221; and her henceforth receive rewards for killing players from other alliances.

0-Crest of blood
1beat 50 players or blue phantomscurved Twinblade
2Defeat 150 players or blue phantomshalf crescent moon
3Defeat 150 players or blue phantomsgreater chaos fireball

Eid Blue Guardian

DS2 blue-sentinels

Once you have the dragon slayer in the blue cathedral in Heide flame tower defeated, you are allowed to take this oath at Targray received. But only if you have the sign of loyalty from the hunters grove there. Carry her guards seal preserved, you can henceforth be called by other members of the oath to support the fight against other players.

0-Guardian seal
1Defeat 50 black phantomsGhost Tree Shield
2Defeat 150 black phantomsWrath of the gods
3Defeat 500 black phantomsrich sunlight

Oath of the Pilgrim of Darkness

DS2 pilgrims-of-dark

In your third encounter with Dark diver Gran Dahl, you are allowed to accede to the PvE Covenant. It opens you access to three Dungeons and optional Boss Finster Schleicher.

0-Abyss seal
1survive a dungeonResonant Soul Hex
2survive all three dungeonsBig Resonant Soul Hex
3Finster defeat SchleicherClimax Hex and Xanthous Armor

Oath of the heirs of the sun

DS2 eid1

In Erntetal a turnoff leads front of the castle to a shrine, you can take the oath at that. From then can you help other players with their bosses and thereby earn sunlight medals, if the boss is also defeated.

0-solar seal
110 sacrifice sunlight medalsSunlight Parma
220 sacrifice sunlight medalssun sword
330 sacrifice sunlight medalsSunlight Peer

Oath of dragon remains

DS2 dragon envy

In Dragonshrine you find a fossilized egg after fighting Dragonfang Villard. Bring this to skim gold from Lanafir in iron lock and you are allowed to join the oath. As a member of her duel with other players you henceforth to dragon scales.

0-Dragon's Eye, Ancient Dragon Seal
110 dragon scales sacrificedDragon head stone
220 dragon scales sacrificedDragon Torso Stone
330 dragon scales sacrificedBlack Dragon Greatsword

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