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The user interface of Android is often modified Manufacturer side by each company to miss its machines a self-reliance. Samsung's surface goes by the name "TouchWiz".

With Android, Google has created an open operating system that gives developers a free hand in the design and modification. The benefits for manufacturers are obvious: New and exclusive functions can be created also possible to create an individual look that stands out from the competition.

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What's Touchwiz?

"TouchWiz" refers to the user interface of Samsung devices. On the devices themselves, the "TouchWiz Start" process takes place again. the application that brings the Samsung's proprietary user interface on the screen behind the service connected.

In addition to lots of pre-installed apps (which often called bloatware - is called - so bulking software) features Samsung's TouchWiz also by a highly modified and distinct look of who has only partly to do with the pure Android.

In the following video, there are a few impressions of Samsung's TouchWiz previous version:

17888Samsung Galaxy S5 Touchwiz

TouchWiz: A few of the pre-installed apps

Just about all Samsung smartphones and tablets are equipped with Samsung's own apps from the house, which can also be retrofitted on other devices but partly. The following list shows a few of these apps are on selected devices.

  • AllShare Play
  • ChatON
  • Samsung Apps
  • S Suggest
  • S Memo
  • S Voice
  • Samsung Game Hub
  • Samsung Music Hub
  • Samsung Social Hub
  • Samsung Video Hub

Elsewhere, we show you how to remove the pre-installed apps. Clear the service "Touchwiz Start" to change the appearance of the Samsung mobile phones, is only possible with a rooted device. If you want to remove completely TouchWiz, a custom ROM must be installed.

Owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 were able to advance take a look at the latest version of the TouchWiz UI in Asia. With the Galaxy Note 7, the user interface TouchWiz to be replaced by the new surface Grace UI. Elsewhere you'll find with us TouchWiz UI and Grace in comparison.

The downside to TouchWiz

As the yes is always the case, even TouchWiz offers not only advantages but also disadvantages. For a while about the matter to be mentioned with the updates. While the current high-end flagships from Samsung are indeed getting the latest updates, which unfortunately looks at older equipment different. 

This is not least because of course not only the Android version is updated itself, but also that the modifications have to be revised. Thus, the update processes are delayed for almost all devices with a manufacturer's own user interface (UX) feature.

Then there is the already mentioned bloatware that often can not uninstall, and thus not only wastes space on the device, but often also holds background processes running that may pointless resources (and battery) consume.

Moreover, such UX is always a matter of taste. Fortunately, this can be bypassed quickly with the help of so-called launchers and adapted. Some of the best launcher be found for example here.

TouchWiz Samsung Android UI

Elsewhere you learn what you can do if the message "TouchWiz stopped Start" regularly appears on the Samsung screen.

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