LibreOffice: OpenOffice offshoot available for Android

The OpenOffice offshoot LibreOffice is now available in a version for Android from the Google Play Store. Currently, the app is still in beta version and allows the viewing of documents in various formats.

LibreOffice: OpenOffice offshoot available for Android

LibreOffice is probably known to most as Office alternative for desktops: In 2010, the project was developed as an offshoot of OpenOffice and enjoys since then the community as a free option for editing and viewing of text documents, presentations, spreadsheets great popularity. In the past, there have been indications that working on an Android app, but release remained far off.

Well at least the beta version of LibreOffice Viewer in the Play Store is available for free, but can be so at the moment only document viewing, while a creation of new files at the moment is not yet possible. The display works well depending on the format, more or less, can be best, of course, with LibreOffice created on the PC documents with the Android app look. however, documents created with Microsoft Office can have a number of errors and inconsistencies in the display.

But since only a beta version and the developers have already promised the planning of many other features, LibreOffice should certainly achieve the functionality of the desktop versions for Android in the future. The question is whether LibreOffice that's not a little is late, where there are already quite a few office applications such as Kingsoft Office, Google Docs, and not least Microsoft Office as a reference in the Office sector on Android. Since the desktop version of the open source office suite enjoys great popularity, could develop a loyal following even under Android, especially LibreOffice will surely continue to be available for free in the final release version.

Libre Office Viewer BetadownloadQR codeLibre Office Viewer BetaDeveloper: Collabora Productivity LimitedPrice: Free

Source: LibreOffice via Y Combinator

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