iPhone SE space: Such is the memory of the little Apple smartphones

On 21 March 2016 Apple introduced the new iPhone SE. The new smartphone with the iPhone 5s form factor will be available in two memory sizes. Which they are, we will tell you the following article.

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If you need no new iPhone, but only your memory is full, we give you into our next guide tips on how best to her again creates space or get on with the limited memory. just read to the following: iPhone memory full? So you make room!

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iPhone SE space: 2 versions

The iPhone SE is available in two different versions, although not differ externally or from the basic hardware, but with the size of the internal memory. Which iPhone SE colors are available, we will show you in another article. The different performing are depending on memory size, and the price varies:

  • iPhone SE 16GB for 479 euros
  • iPhone SE 64 GB for 539 euros


iphone-se-colors-rose-silverUnder the hood, they are all the same: The only exception is the storage capacity of the iPhone SE.

So Apple continues the trend of the last iPhone generations, all of whom skipped a 32-GB version. The latest version with 32GB of internal storage space was about the iPhone 5s. The direct predecessor 6s and 6s Plus there is this even in a 128-GB version.

iPhone SE: How much space you need?

With the 16 GB version of the iPhone SE Apple is clearly in price regions that seem favorable at least for iPhones. Who the iPhone SE buys 16 GB, but should be aware that this amount of memory now hardly enough if one wants to bring photos, videos, music and games under one roof. With operating system and preinstalled apps no more than about 12 remain free GB typically. So, who will score many photographs used to listening to music and podcasts and generally attaches great importance to a large memory, which had fallen to the version with 64 GB.

iPhoneSE-coloredDid you decide on a color of the iPhone SE, only the question of the size of the internal memory remains.

To swap images, or other memory hogs, we recommend you have an account with iCloud set. So you can not only, but also conveniently manage photos in the Apple cloud. Pro Apple ID provides you Apple while 5 GB free.


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