Thus, Bitdefender can uninstall

An effective antivirus software Bitdefender is often already on a new PC pre-installed. However, most want to uninstall BitDefender as soon as the free license expires. so goes&# 8217; s!

Thus, Bitdefender can uninstall

Basically, it's very good that now is a virus scanner on most newly delivered computers. However, it is mostly because, due to corresponding licensing deals the manufacturers to commercial programs. These are a certain amount of time available for free &# 8211; including all updates. But then an extension of the license is due sometime for further protection. And when it comes time to pay, want to uninstall most of the virus scanner Bitdefender.

  • Delete Bitdefender Windows home remedies
  • Remove Bitdefender with tool

uninstall BitDefender &# 8211; standard method

Each program properly installed has its own uninstall routine. This is no different in the applications by Bitdefender. Who wants to remove its antivirus Bitdefender, should first have recourse to this possibility. As a rule, should ensure that all parts of the program can be removed, including the entries in the registry.

The standard uninstall Bitdefender we find in the Control Panel under Programs and Features. It ensures, if necessary. Still to finish running program processes to then remove all files, links, directories and registry entries.

Thus, Bitdefender can uninstallHowever, to function properly, this method only if you have not already tried manually before, simply delete files or folders. That should not be able to function properly and completely, as a rule, since antivirus programs like Bitdefender be locked against a manual deletion. This could be indeed act as good of a computer virus that wants to overturn the anti-virus!

uninstall BitDefender &# 8211; With the Uninstall Tool

If the normal method does not work, or if you have already tried to manually uninstall Bitdefender, then we will not get stuck with the program's own uninstaller. In the event there are two methods. One could be called the &8220; hard way&# 8221; describe. She sits among others expected to start Windows Once in safe mode. Then you can delete all immediately apparent program files and folders and manually remove the call of programs and services from the startup. After that, it is only complicated because you have to find out under what keys we need to look in the registry to remove the last remnants of Bitdefender.

uninstall Bitdefender, if nothing works: The Bitdefender Uninstall Tooluninstall Bitdefender, if nothing works: The Bitdefender Uninstall Tool

To help with such problems, the company provides Bitdefender Bitdefender uninstall tool as freeware available. It is always used as a rule when the standard uninstall did not work and we no longer know how to uninstall BitDefender. The cleanup tool will automatically detect the presence of corresponding installations and is easy to use. Basically, there is only one button called &Uninstall; # 8220&# 8221 ;, we have to press. After that, everything runs automatically. The uninstall tool scans all files, folders, log files and registry entries of Bitdefender installations and remove them. To clean uninstall the last remnants such as service calls, the computer reboots after a short time. After that he should be freed of all remains. Now you can either install a new virus scanner or start a clean installation of Bitdefender.

  1. To remove Bitdefender Uninstall Tool download and start.
  2. &Uninstall; # 8220&# 8221; button click and start deletion.
  3. All Entries antivirus program on the hard drive will be searched and possibly removed.
  4. The computer restarts after the uninstall process.


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