Windows Vista defragment: So you make your PC faster again

Defragmenting hard drive partitions makes Windows Vista not only faster, it also helps the system to make logically sorted data fragments clearer and organize. If you do not know how you can defragment Windows Vista, we show it to you.

Windows Vista defragment: So you make your PC faster again

You have a several gigabytes comprehensive hard drive to your Windows Vista PC and have never defragmented him? Bothers you that your computer lately has become much slower? With a defragmentation you make your PC faster and gives way still on the hard drive.

defragment Windows Vista

As in the previous Windows XP with Defraggler tool to defragment the hard disk is the same as standard integrated into Windows Vista.

Take your time and let the computer in your absence to perform the operation. Because depending on how long you have not defragmented your computer how big the hard drive and how packed it is, can last defragmenting Vista between half an hour to several hours. is less downside to the defragmentation of Windows Vista that unfortunately is no progress bar.

So your going to defragment Vista:

  1. Going from the Start menu, click All Programs
  2. Selects Accessories > the function system programs from defrag
  3. Do you want Windows Vista defragment periodically sets the hook with "Run on a schedule" or simply click "Defragment Now"
  4. To get the biggest gain in speed, all volumes selected as a target defragmentation
  5. Depending on the size of the hard drive and level of fragmentation, the process can take several hours
Vista defragmentation scheduleWith the schedule you can defragment periodically start automatically

Does your prefer using the command prompt as an administrator, you proceed as follows:

  1. Gets the command line via typing "CMD" on
  2. Give now "defrag.exe /?" To view all the parameters of the defragmentation
  3. Do you want to let you see how fragmented a drive, such as drive C :, so you just give "defrag.exe C: -a -v" a
  4. After some time, the data is read and output as follows
    1. file fragmentation
    2. Space fragmentation
    3. folder fragmentation
    4. MFT fragmentation (Master File Table)
    5. storage medium
  5. Following you can defragment the drive
vista defrag Command PromptIn the command prompt you can watch to display considerably more details and parameters to defragment Vista

Do you want to drive C: without the information defragment, you can for thorough defragmentation of drive C: Enter: "defrag.exe C: -v -w -f" and for all drives "defrag.exe -c -v -w -f "

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