Android Device Manager: Mobile phone remotely lock, and locate

lost phone? Google's Android Device Manager allows not only for issuing a ringing tone, and wipe the device remotely, the possibility of missing the device from a computer a new lock code and to make sure against unauthorized access. Also, you can locate the lost phone with Google. How do you use the Device Manager app, you read below.

Anyone who has lost his smartphone or tablet if that was stolen, which has the ability to locate them through the Android Device Manager - both a card interface in the browser as well as via a triggered remotely ringtone. Moreover, the data on your phone may be deleted and a new lock code can be set from a distance.

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Unlock Android Device Manager

Setting a lock code through the Android Device Manager is a far less invasive method of smartphone or tablet assurance than the complete cancellation, then forces a complete new setup of the device. If you accidentally in a bar, on the train or at another public place does leave his device and it is to be used by any foreign person, it can be provided with a secure password so from a distance. A complete erasure is not absolutely necessary in such cases. However, the method is suitable only if you have your device installed and want to protect your own data. Was it stolen, it does not prevent the thief from off your smartphone and to root it.

Lock phone - Here&# 8217; s

To be blocked your cell phone, you go as follows:

  1. Calls the Android Device Manager and get in touch with your Google account.
  2. Selects your Android phone and then clicks &# 8220; Block&# 8221 ;.
  3. now give a temporary password.
  4. After entering your password on your mobile phone, you can access the settings and change the PIN lock screen again.

Do you want to help a friend, it can if necessary open the browser an incognito tab and log in with their Google Account.

Android Device Manager: Mobile phone remotely lock, and locate

Of course, this feature works only if connected to the Internet and the unit is still on. If these conditions are met, the user now has the option via the web interface to set a lock code. This will automatically overwrite the current values ​​in near real time. of course it does not matter whether you previously used a lock pattern or a PIN code or device has secured through face-Unlock. The next time you access to that Android Device elected via the web interface code that is ideally safer than "1234" must be entered in order to gain control again.

Android Device Manager: Mobile phone remotely lock, and locate

Do you choose to delete the data option, the device will reset to factory settings. This is also the last chance if you can not unlock on the Device Manager screen lock. Here, all your photos, apps and other personal things but then deleted.

So you crack the lock screen

As the Device Manager functions as locating app or what tools are still useful if you want your phone find, you read our articles:

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Android Device Manager: let the phone ring phone

Your also have to ring your smartphone option in Device Manager - even if it is on silent or vibrate. Let your phone raises five minutes at full volume noticeable and can, if necessary recover quickly.

Android Device Manager: Mobile phone remotely lock, and locate

leave telephone number Show on lock screen

Have you selected locks in Device Manager, you can also enter there your phone number at which you are to achieve. Carry this field phone number (optional). In the lock screen of your lost mobile phones, the number is then displayed, which can be called directly. So you, the finder can contact you.

Android Device Manager: phone will not be locked

Who does not see his device on the web interface gets (registration with the appropriate account required), the function must still under Settings > safety > Enable device administrators. Android Device Manager: Mobile phone remotely lock, and locate

Takes her on a mobile device in Device Manager, you go first through the app settings:

  1. Selected in the settings All > Delete button Google Play services to data.
  2. then changes settings in the Google and selects the Android Device Manager Reset option remotely Allow.
  3. Start your device. your phone should now be displayed in the manager.

For the service to work, you have to change if necessary in a Gmail account your Gmail account. Go to the settings in your Google account, then the synchronization, and selects the menu Remove account. After that comes directly a message that a backup account to be set up. Aimed here your Gmail account. What else can you do to unlock your phone, you read forget our article Lock pattern and PIN: So you unlock the smartphone.

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