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In YouTube you can not only individual videos, but also complete playlists download and you then look at all the videos in the playlist offline. In this article we will show show you how it works and what you need to download the YouTube playlist.

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Channels are YouTube a practical means to sort thematically related videos and organize. In a playlist be found, for example, all videos of a certain artist or songs from a particular album without you first need to search for it long. If you want to look at you the videos offline, you can you download the complete YouTube playlist (the question of whether this is legal, below).

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download YouTube playlist &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

If you want to download you a YouTube playlist, you can simply inquire about the free 4K video tool use Downloader, you can download the you you directly from us. Installed the tool and starts the 4K Video Downloader, then you load the playlist of YouTube down as follows:

download YouTube playlistThe 4k Video Downloader provides you an easy way to download playlists with Cop-paste method.
  1. Copies you the URL of the playlist via copy-paste (for example, keyboard shortcut CTRL-C) from your browser.
  2. Click in 4K Video Downloader click the button &Url Insert; # 8216&8217; (Paste URL).
  3. In the new window, you are asked whether you want to download only a single clip or the entire playlist. Selects option here Playlist Download (Download playlist)
  4. Now you can still choose you, what quality you want to download the YouTube playlist. Selects the appropriate quality option, and then click again to download.

That's it already &# 8211; 4K Video Downloader then downloads the entire playlist and then you can also watch the videos you offline.

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Alternative method to the YouTube Playlist Download

The 4K video downloader is not the only option that you have if you want to download a YouTube playlist. Alternatively, you can also use the Free YouTube to DVD Converter. This tool is actually meant to burn YouTube videos to DVD, you can watch the playlist order, of course, but also &# 8220; only&# 8221; download. The operation is identical to the 4K Video Downloader in principle: Just add the URL of the playlist in the tool a one and upload the clips then down as described above.

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download YouTube playlist &# 8211; Is that even legal?

An interesting question is of course: Can you even download YouTube playlists or happened to you something when you do it? To this end, there is unfortunately no clear statements so that you look at this infamous in the &# 8220; legal gray area&# 8221; located. Problem is that YouTube can not tell if you look at the video only in the browser or pull the clip on the hard drive.

We know in any case not a case that individuals were prosecuted for downloading YouTube videos &# 8211; read for further information also see this article: YouTube: video download legally or illegally?

We show you also how you can create a YouTube playlist without effort.

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