Reserve iPhone 6s and pick the Apple Store: How to …

Who at Apple iPhone 6s bought in the shop, which has to expect a certain delivery time. The faster alternative: Reserve online and pick up the iPhone 6s in the nearest Apple Store. As briefly explain how this works.

Reserve iPhone 6s and pick the Apple Store: How to ...

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As early as last year when there was the iPhone 6 Option of online reservation. Once again, Apple offers a convenient way of acquiring iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at. The manufacturer must operate in Germany currently 14 stores (Augsburg, Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, 2x Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, 2x Munich, Oberhausen, Sindelfingen and Sulzbach), the subject to availability and a pick-up service offer 6s Plus for iPhone 6s and iPhone. Summary: This way of collection is often faster than the online order at Apple, assuming you live near one of the stores.

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The big difference this year? Reservations can be made not by a central web address, but directly  through the Apple Webshop*. So we go step by step ...

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Reservation iPhone 6s at Apple

  • 1st step: in the Apple Online Store * (Link) we face the configuration for our desired iPhone together - model, color and memory capacity. Remark: Of course, does the reservation via the Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad.


  • Step 2: We then choose below the price the option "Reserve and buy in the store."
  • Step 3: Unless permitted by the availability, we can now an Apple Store (Apple store) Select for collection.


  • Step 4: Following the next available appointment is presented to us. By clicking "Next" we continue.


  • Step 5: Now we are asked our Apple ID and our corresponding password to enter. We do not have any, we can create at this point one.


  • Step 6: In the last point we specify whether we want the iPhone 6s with contractual or not, divide the desired amount with (Maximum of 2), set the time for the transfer and confirm our contact information. In the end, we simply choose not "confirm reservation" - done.


Note: Article originally published on September 23, 2014 and re-released on the occasion of the iPhone 6s on September 28, 2015.

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