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Whose work and training completed, is obliged to register at least three months before the termination of the employment office seeking work. This message can also be done online and you read here how this works.

Labor Office: Report Arbeitssuchend online is easy

Seeking Employment Report online or call: deadlines urgent note!

In the employment agency must first be made between unemployment and the Arbeitsssuchendmeldung. The seeking employment takes place before the unemployment report and it is regulated by law that this must take place three months before expiry of the contract.

In this respect the former employer has shorter notice periods, the declaration must be made immediately upon receipt of termination. The idea of ​​the legislator is that the period of notice is already being used actively seeking employment to avoid unemployment as possible.

These periods should you must be followed, otherwise you can threaten a reduction of unemployment benefits.

Employment AgencyThe important thing is that deadlines are met and that you will not forget to appear in person in the agency on the first day of unemployment.Start Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

job seeker at the employment office register online: That you have to do

Apart from the ability to notify you by telephone at the employment office under the free number 0800-4555500 looking for work, you can also go through online about the job market the thing. In general, you always need a resume and the termination or your fixed-term employment or training contract. Then you follow these steps:

  1. Get in touch with your user name and password on the side of the job market. Have you still no account there, you have to register yourself first.
  2. Then you can enter your data. If you do not understand what is meant, you can click at any point on the Help option in the job market.
  3. In the end, you press the button &# 8220; Email seeking employment&# 8221; and the data is transmitted to your competent employment agency. You can for your documents now print still a summary of your message.
  4. Now you have to wait for the recall of the employment office or be within the specified time from you. Within three days, the agency will contact you. In this call, can, if necessary, missing data are supplemented and the date for your consultation is agreed. Stand by you should your pension insurance number and your CV to this call, because the authenticity of your person is verified using this information.
  5. Not a must, but one option is still to create in the job market right now a personal profile for the job search.

Labor Office register as jobseekers online

In the next step you will receive your application for unemployment benefits and a questionnaire about your personal work profile. It is important that you have to appear later than the first day of unemployment with the unemployment office. you do not do this, you will subject to a lock and get no money.

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