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Who regularly hangs out on the net and read mainly in forums, chat rooms and comment sections of websites, will encounter numerous, recurring expressions. Often the importance of network expressions opens up immediately. One of these criteria in the Internet is "Mimimi".

Mimimi: What does that mean? explains importance of quickly

Find out here what this "mimimi" and has what the origin of the expression. The Internet term "Mimimi" does not contribute its importance as by the Muppet Beaker.

The meaning of "Mimimi" on the Internet

If you read "Mimimi" mentally, you should do so with imaginary fine voice. The term is often used in response to something previously Written and usually pejorative. Literally to "mimimi" can not be translated, but the meaning is easy to tap:

  • With the letters stringing together one might indicate someone that this rumjammert exaggerated his post.
  • Also unnecessary Rumgeheule is expressed by "mimimi".
  • Frequently "Mimimi" is mainly used in online games to show that a person about something upsets in an exaggerated degree.
  • Also in forums and social networks like Twitter and Facebook "Mimimi" is used.
  • Translated, the term can also act as "parking" Do not be like that! "Be understood.
  • "Mimimi" they say thus to people who create a mimosa erratic behavior on the day.


Is to you &# 8220; Mimimi&# 8221; written, you should therefore consider whether ye but if your opposite would provoke you needlessly upset or.

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Mimimi: What does that mean?

Only recently Samy Deluxe has released a song entitled "Mimimi". Here, however, the title does not bear the same meaning as described above, but is resolved with "fellow citizens with an immigrant background". The video for the new song by Samy Deluxe You can watch here. The album with the track, "Famous Last Words" will appear on 29 April 2016 *Mimimi: What does that mean? explains importance of quickly.


With us you will find many more definitions, translations and explanations of meanings of common Internet terms. So you learn with us for. As what is the meaning of "wtf" what ICYMI is and what is meant by "Instant Karma".

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