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ZenMate for Firefox gives you an add-on for the Firefox browser that allows you to surf through a VPN network in the network, which increases your anonymity and security, and you allow access to locked in Germany content.

With the expansion ZenMate for Firefox can you dial you via browser add-on in a VPN network, resulting in an increase of anonymity on the net and security in WiFi networks, and it also allows you to access regional locked content.


ZenMate for Firefox: Benefits of Using and equipment

Advertising, analysis programs and social media gather a lot of data about your browsing behavior, which can, however, prevent her with ZenMate for Firefox. In addition, the use of a VPN service as it is you allow the add-on prevents that your data can be intercepted by third parties, if ye dials on an unsecured network to the Internet, in which your data unencrypted.

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In addition, you allow the use of ZenMate for Firefox to access content of web pages, a regional restriction period are not available, so in certain countries. Among other things, this video, messages or social networking can be.

Gallery ZenMate for Firefox

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Also available is ZenMate for Google Chrome.

To install ZenMate for Firefox, you operated our download button that leads you to the Firefox Marketplace. Here you pressed the button "Add", then the add-on your Firefox is added. Before you can use this, but you've got to register with the manufacturer.

  • Use of a VPN service directly in the browser
  • Registration required

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