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Some free Android applications deliver push advertising and pop-ups that you pretend, for example, limited system functionality or require download apps. Depending on where you have the app forth, causing the advertising, your cell phone can be quickly infected with malware but also send paid SMS or surfing and movement profiles are created by you. In this guide we show you how to find out what app causes the annoying to dangerous pop-ups and push notifications.

196648Android Malware - How do you protect yourself

Google itself prohibits this kind advertising usually. Nevertheless, it can happen during an update that manufacturers an app my on this questionable advertising material to fall back. Usually pop-up ads and push notifications coming to the Android device but apps that have heruntgeladen her from an alternative AppStore or if you have manually installed an unexamined APK.

Should you have done so lately, you should disable the apps on a trial basis or completely uninstall the corresponding Android apps same. If the advertisement fails then oh, you've already found the culprit.

Android push advertising &# 8211; For polluter

If ye are not sure which app for advertising is responsible and do not want to delete drauflos perk you just, you can the culprit easily get wise with an Android device from version 4.1 (JellyBean). As you push notifications disabled on Android, learn it in our illustrated instructions or scroll down to our text instructions for advanced users:

Start Photogallery(4 images)Android push messages off (illustrated guide)

Text Instructions:

  1. App detailsPulls down the status bar.
  2. If advertising is displayed here typing it and hold down.
  3. Then, a menu should rise.
  4. Taps here More settings (In older versions of Android also App details or. App Information).
  5. Now you should end up with the app-info of each app, which triggers the advertising.
  6. Here you can now disable notifications or simply uninstall the app itself.

this approach should not work or own their older equipment, but there are also apps that you take off the search for the push and especially pop-sinner. For this example, the tools Airpush Detector or Addons Detector, which search out you the applications that can use as various aggressive promotional material or create even advertising links on your home screen recommend.

AirPush DetectordownloadQR codeAirPush DetectorDeveloper: Dan BjorgePrice: Free Addons DetectordownloadQR codeAddons DetectorDeveloper: denperPrice: Free

Hoaxes Android malware and aggressive pop-up ads

If you a pop-up about it &# 8220; informed&# 8221 ;, that your phone has been infected with malware or Trojans or even your battery have a virus (see example below) should, you should be extra careful. If this popup is not from your own virus program on your Android device, it also involves only a form of aggressive advertising. This is to sell you usually an anti-virus app or the like, all of your &# 8220; problems&# 8221; solves.

Responds to such false reports in no case. Instead, should you better applications in question removed from your smartphone and install an anti-virus app from a trusted manufacturer such as Avira or Malwarebyte directly from the Play Store.

Avira Antivirus SecuritydownloadQR codeAvira Antivirus SecurityDeveloper: AVIRAPrice: Free Malwarebytes for AndroiddownloadQR codeMalwarebytes for AndroidDeveloper: MalwarebytesPrice: Free

Example: pop gaukelt-needed upgrade of the "battery management module" in front

advertising popup androidSo opens regularly and automatically, the browser or pop-up blocking the view on the screen. Here virus or system warnings from Android be fooled usually, in this case will be necessary to upgrade the "battery management module".

While many expected the bad German already be a warning, but sometimes outweighs the fear and you follow the instructions on what you should do, of course, no way. Because the installed on such advertising Android apps lead to no good either be spied user data, malware installed or shipped even paid premium SMS.

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