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Netflix is ​​not only in this country but around the world to the first points of contact to provide themselves with new films and series to watch online. For a monthly fee, there are access to several blockbusters and classics. But we must share a Netflix account and pass on to friends and acquaintances?

The Netflix access is paid monthly, you can login with their e-mail address and a password. With a standard access Netflix can be viewed simultaneously on two devices, be considered in parallel with the premium subscription even four devices. This raises the question of whether you can pass on his Netflix data, for example, to a colleague so that it comes to streaming pleasure without own account.

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Netflix: Is account sharing allowed? Court ruling in the US

At least in the US, the question of whether one can pass a password for Netflix, now prohibited by court judgment. The judgment does not refer directly to Netflix, but includes the disclosure of personal passwords to all online services. Background is the case of a former employee of research company &# 8220; Korn / Ferry International&# 8221 ;. This had logged in with a password of a former colleague in the corporate system. According to the US Court of Appeals unauthorized access here is on the system and thus a violation of the &# 8220; Computer Fraud and Abuse Act&# 8221; in front. Knits to the judgment on, so is also in sharing the Netflix password to colleagues and friends an illegal, criminal access before, unless express permission of the VOD provider exists.

Taking a look into the terms of use Netflix, it is clear here that the passing of their own accounts to friends and colleagues is not in the sense of the provider. Use on multiple devices refers only to people within a family and within a budget. If the maximum number maxed of available devices per access, the following error message appears:

&# 8220; If you share your Netflix account with friends and family members, it may be that this also just use Netflix, if you want to watch a title.&# 8221;

So here is clearly also talk of "friends". It also states the terms and conditions if &# 8220; should make the password no one else available to maintain exclusive control&# 8221 ;. A direct prohibition is not spoken here. Nevertheless, whether the judgment will affect the password practice at Netflix remains to be seen.


the issue with Attorney Christian Solmecke has looked in more detail some time ago "The world". The Internet lawyer concludes that the account sharing takes place "in a legal gray area," an explicit prohibition does not exist, an outspoken permission but not. Whether with several people in the home or outside, the use of Netflix's loud Conditions only in private allowed.

Netflix: share account and share them with friends - can you mean?

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Netflix: share and share account - can you mean?

The situation is different for. For example, from at Sky. There, the passing of a second card or sharing of access for Sky Go to people outside the home is prohibited by contract. With offenses even a fixed penalty of at least 480 € is imminent. How has asked for "the world" at the customer service of other streaming services, there is no clear prohibition of account sharing with max cathedrals and Watch Ever.

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