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It does not look good for Agent Carter Staffel 3: The second season of the Marvel series about the sexy heroine Peggy Carter had weaker ratings than the already quite disappointing first season. No wonder Agent Carter was deposed by ABC. On the web there is therefore a petition to bring the series to Netflix. but there is still hope for Agent Carter Staffel 3?

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The 2015 launched Marvel series Agent Carter had never quite easy it: started under large sympathy, the audience quickly lost the joy of undercover agent Peggy Carter - perhaps because session a little bit too much left on the lead actress Hayley Atwell and plot and the general thrust of the story neglected. A second season was still waved through by ABC beginning in 2016, but even then beweifelten many critics that a continuation makes sense.

Agent Carter Season 3The first two seasons of Agent Carter had only weak ratings. Picture: Marvel / AMC


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Agent Carter Staffel 3: Petition will return the Marvel series

ABC Agent Carter was finally deposed in 2016: No wonder the weak ratings of only a little over 2 million viewers. Thanks to the Internet and word of mouth to Agent Carter has nevertheless built up something of a fan base - and do not want to just accept that now is simply to put an end to agent Peggy and her colleagues from the SSR.

On the web, the followers have therefore come together and petitioners to Netflix. The goal was streaming service to move to produce a third season of Agent Carter. The call could gather more than 130,000 supporters, after all - but apparently that was not enough for Netflix. The VoD provider finally announced that they had no plans to continue the show. True fans of course, can not be put off that. Meanwhile, another petition has been started which turns this time directly to Marvel. Goal: Bring back Agent Carter, no matter by what means.

Agent Carter Staffel 3 Product ImageA continuation of Agent Carter is currently unlikely. Picture: Marvel / AMC

A third season of Agent Carter realistic?

Even if the fans will not like to hear: Such petitions rarely have the desired effect. There were a few examples in the past that such a thing can actually work: About gecancelte series "Constantine," which continues due to high interest of fans this year in animated form. Usually calls to the fans fizzle but usually without an effect to achieve, there are at the studios primarily financial interests in the foreground.

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To Netflix Agent Carter would actually fit well, since you already have there with Jessica Jones, another Marvel series with a female lead character in the program. How it goes in the future, after the cancellation of the streaming service with Agent Carter, but hard to say at the moment. that Agent Carter will not continue rather assume - we go - also due to the rather mixed reaction of the critics. It is possible, of course, but, especially since it indeed is a great competition today, for example, by smaller services like Hulu or Crackle. The first two seasons of Agent Carter ran in Germany at the pay-TV channel Syfy.

We will keep you at this point about further developments to date.