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In Word you can page numbers from page 2 mode, for example, a cover sheet without numbering insert. In this guide we show you how with a few clicks, the page numbers in Word from page 2 &# 8211; or any other number of pages &# 8211; Let's start, so that the first side is shown without numbering.

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If you want to adjust the page numbers from page 2 in Word, you must first insert a manual transition, then link the pages and then paste or the page number. We tell you all the necessary steps in detail.

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Word your pages from page 2 &# 8211; insert break

Before you set up the page numbers from page 2 in Word, you must first format the text and create a break. The Page numbers begin at this upheaval and not at the beginning of the text. For more information on upheavals finds its insert Word section breaks in the Guide.

  1. First, go with the cursor to the end of the page you want to do with the page number after. Would you like, for example, starting on page 2, it moves the cursor to the end of page. 1
  2. Now changes to the tab page layout and clicking over there on the menu item breaks.
  3. A menu appears with various selection options. Selects the menu item Next Page &# 8211; so you have an upheaval created (see screenshot).


Word Seitenzahlen1Word: For the page numbers from page 2 it first creates a break.

Set Word page numbers from page 2 and page 3 &# 8211; link pages.

In the next step you need to link the break with the following pages.

Note: If you want to have on the first page of the document to another page number as the No. 1 read, easy to Guide Word page numbers only from page 3 - so it'll work. There we tell you how to format the document so that any page number on the first page.
  1. Changes to the page on which to start numbering and goes there to edit mode for headers and footers. Leads to double-click on the top of the page.
  2. In edit mode, you choose the option Link to Previous (see screenshot).
  3. Then you click on Switch to footer and selects relink the option, with the prior &# 8211; the pages of the document are now linked correctly and you can insert page numbers.


Word Seitenzahlen2Then it adds the sides together in Word.

Set Word page numbers from page 2 &# 8211; insert page numbers

In the last step it is still the starting number and inserts the page numbers.

  1. Leave the edit mode (double click on the text) and click on the menu item Insert. Here you can decide yourself if you want to insert at the beginning or end of the page, the page numbers.
  2. Selects the appropriate option (top or side Designating) and then decide for a design, e.g. simple number. 3
  3. Now changes to the tab page number.
  4. From the drop-down menu you choose the option to format page numbers.
  5. A new window is opening up. Studied the menu item's start and carry on the page number at which you want to start in this case. 2
  6. Then you confirmed with OK. The page number begins now with the two from the previously marked upheaval.
Word Seitenzahlen3Her most recent sets the number by which the side to start.Tip: As mentioned, you can start with any number of pages using this method. one simply join the page number in the empty box in the page numbers menu format.

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