Soundbar connect to TV, receiver, console – Here’s how

Sound bars can be connected fairly straightforward compared to surround sound systems because you have to rewire only the sound bar with the respective terminal. We show you the practical guide, what you have to look for and how her to the sound bar, you can connect receivers, game console or other devices.

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Sound bars have the advantage that they are very compact compared with conventional home theater systems and combine multiple channels in the housing. Hence the annoying cabling eliminates single speaker with each other and with the TV largely. Instead, it plugs in only the Soundbar into the respective source player. Some points you have to note, however, even here.

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Connect Soundbar: Wireless, digital or analog

Depending on the sound bar has it, there are several ways to connect the speaker system. The connection can be done analog, digital or wireless. Most commonly spread today is HDMI, there is transmitted in this standard both images and sound via a cable. But HDMI is not the only possible interface - here the overview of the major transmission standards to connect your sound bar:

  • HDMI: To transmit a digital interface for audio and video data (up to 4K resolution). Most modern sound bars have one or more HDMI connections generally.
  • optical Audio cableThis transmission is also known as Toslink. The data is transmitted as optical signals over the cable.
  • digital and¬†analog coaxial cable: Coaxial cable architecture is both analog and digital signal transmission of audio and video data are used. The connector for the stereo analog data are red and white, with the red connector of the cable to the white input and the White is connected to the red input.
  • wireless standardsMany sound bars are now also equipped with Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi module to transmit the data wirelessly. Here, the sound from the TV, computer, console or mobile playback devices will be streamed to the sound bar.

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So you close the soundbar to the TV

Find out first about which ports the TV and Soundbar have. In general, the sound bar is the appropriate cable at and modern TVs usually have several possible connection options, such as both via Bluetooth, HDMI or optical. However, attention is that certain standards between manufacturers are not always compatible. Has her a Samsung sound bar *Soundbar connect to TV, receiver, console - Here's how and a Sony Bravia TV, can you as not connect via Bluetooth, as this will only work with Sony devices with each other.

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Unless HDMI ports are present, you should use this in any case &# 8211; this is especially true when the sound bar to deliver the sound of multiple source devices. Checks whether the HDMI cable is equipped with ACR &# 8211; the acronym stands for "Audio Return Channel" and says that audio data can be transmitted in two directions, for example, from the soundbar to the TV and vice versa. Under certain circumstances, you can order in some configurations save an additional audio cable.

Example: In the TV on DVB tuner for reception of the TV program is integrated, while at the Soundbar a Blu-ray player is connected. Using an HDMI cable with ARC, the audio data can be run from the TV to the Soundbar and the same time the image data of Blu-ray on the TV. Noted here is that you plug in the HDMI cable to the sound bar in the HDMI-out - not HDMI-In. HDMI (ARC), incidentally also supports lossless multi-channel sound formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS-HD.

Some sound bars are equipped with an external subwoofer &# 8211; This is usually connected with an RCA cable to the. Do you have everything plugged done, you must also still usually choose the correct channel for playing the sound in the TV menu. The term for this is usually channel analog RCA, digital audio, sometimes you also can simply select whether playing through soundbar or internal speaker is done.

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Connecting console, Blu-ray players and other devices

Blu-ray players and games consoles such as the Playstation 4 *Soundbar connect to TV, receiver, console - Here's how or Xbox closes her via HDMI to the soundbar (connection: HDMI-in). The video data is played in this case on the soundbar to the TV. There is also the possibility that you connect devices like MP3 player or CD player to the audio interfaces of the soundbar. Some sound bars also have a USB interface that can play mobile hard drives her music. To establish a wireless connection via Bluetooth, it has the sound bar to the audio source "pairing" (link), e.g. over the corresponding menu of your TV. When connected via Wi-Fi the Soundbar must be connected to the local network by even the television is located.


  • With a sound bar you avoid cable clutter and can easily set up your home theater.
  • HDMI is the main interface to connect the soundbar.
  • As an alternative to digital or analog audio interfaces offer.
  • Before connecting you must clarify which offers connections to the TV and what other devices the sound bar to be used.

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