Instagram: delete comments – Here’s (2016)

On the Internet, it happens too fast to be written in comment areas insults or other contributions that you do not would like to read. Even with Instagram the comment field is used frequently for photos offensive, obscene or inappropriate content. Find out here, as you can quickly and easily delete comments at Instagram.

Deleting a comment with your own pictures works quickly and easily. Below you will find some tips if deleting the posts should not work.

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Instagram: Comments in the app delete (Android and iOS)

instagram-comment-deleteNote that you can only delete your own comments or comments with your own pictures on Instagram. Posts by Others must be reported so that they are deleted from the Instagram operators themselves.

So you can delete their comments about the Instagram app:

  1. Opens first of all the Instagram app on your smartphone or iPhone.
  2. Activates the appropriate photo, in which have accumulated inappropriate posts in the comment section.
  3. Seeks to be deleted out the comment.
  4. Hold to delete comment button until a menu opens. On iOS, you have to swipe left again. You will see a trash can icon, which you can remove the comment.
  5. In addition to deleting the comment may also be reported. The operators of the photo app can then z. Lock as persistent users.
  6. Finished!

Delete Instagram Comments on the website

instagram appWho uses Instagram in the browser, can also remove the PC unwanted comments, of course.

  1. Opens Instagram in the browser and place yourselves to the corresponding photo.
  2. Right of the image, all left behind comments found.
  3. Ride your mouse over a comment that is a small &# 8220; X&# 8221; displayed.
  4. Click on the &# 8220; X&# 8221; and the message will be removed.
  5. Finished!

Under certain circumstances it may be that the message that a comment can not be deleted. In such cases, the comment was in all probability already been removed, but z. As yet indicated by an outdated, cached version of the photo page. In such cases, you have to just wait a while.

Of course, you should the delete function wisely apply. Being a Shitstorm settled on a corresponding image, retrieves a simple deletion of posts in users produce more anger, which can escalate the situation. To de-escalate, it is recommended to take according to such posts. The situation is different, of course, if the comment section for easy spam or obscene insults is used. Read also with us, there is to know about alleged Instagram followers hacks it.


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