Animal Crossing: Wild World

Finally Animal Crossing comes to the Nintendo DS. With Wild World you can take anywhere adventures in the animal world.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World

With Animal Crossing: Wild World has finally managed over the GameCube on the Nintendo DS is the simulation of the classic Nintendo 64th In Wild World you find yourself in a madcap world of animals back in their spending your life in real time, go to the hairdresser, buy items and replace can and the animals make new friends and you can have adventures.

While allowing the linking of several Nintendo DS to experience the game in the online mode with up to three other friends at once in a world.

Metacritic average rating: 86%

Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS

&# 8220; Animal Crossing &# 8211; Wild World&# 8221; is the successor of the classic on the Nintendo GameCube. Who has come to know the game there or interested in similar life-simulation games like The Sims, who will be able to find their way very quickly in this game.

Your generated in the virtual world of Animal Crossing its own character, with which you can make virtually anything is possible in the real world: Explores your city on foot and goes into stores to shop, buying hundreds of objects and replaced it with later other people. Write letters, sent in a bottle, take an Angel tournaments, join on a treasure hunt and much more. The ideas of the developers seem to know no bounds in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing: Wild World &# 8211; Tick ​​Tock. The clock is ticking

The game is played in real-time and synchronizes with the internal clock of the Nintendo DS. The most important feature however is that the virtual world is populated by animals. Whether guitar playing dogs, raccoons jeans bearing or dangerous crocodiles: Animal Crossing is diversely populated and you can get in touch, talk to them or see what activities they are engaged in the city with the animals. If desired with up to four players in online mode.

With the new &# 8220; Animal Crossing&# 8221; you can now finally go exploring on your mobile Nintendo DS the world of animals. The controls are simple and intuitive, the colorful characters you will quickly close to his heart and get lost for hours in this great adventure.

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