100 hours in NIOH and why it is still horny

As Dark Souls clone decried be NIOH proves to our 100-game hours as a worthy action RPG in the feudal Japan of the 17th century. Why, NIOH has become, despite its added many influences from other games a truly addictive experience even after a long time that still motivated, you read. In our Conclusion

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NIOH has now been just over a week on the market. Ample time to draw conclusions and to illuminate the aspects of the game closer. The extensive role-playing game opens up you It was only by increasing playing time in all its diversity and pulled us into the previously 100 hours of play under his spell.

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NIOH vs. Souls: The eternal comparison

Many expected the always relied on Comparison between NIOH and Dark Souls now get on your nerves and we sometimes refer to our conclusion on the great example, because in terms of atmosphere, game aesthetics and individual game elements inspired by the Souls games and bloodborne in NIOH can not be denied

With increasing playing time then crystallize but the existing differences out. The action in NIOH with its rapid change between arms conversations and the active Stamina regeneration by AI pulse is more rapidly than in the Souls games. Especially the various Combo skills in NIOH make a clear distinction here.

NIOH: tips and things that you do not yet Did

However, achieve Boss fights in NIOH never quite the class of Dark Souls. Although they are no less difficult beginning of the game, be with increasing gameplay thanks to ever better equipment but easier. are added Balancing issues how to powerful Onmyo magic. Thus, for example, bosses with the sloth Talisman slow just like normal enemies, which would probably never occur in Souls games.

However NIOH is also never really easy. So you have it in some side missions namely sometimes with two bosses simultaneously record, which is an uncommon challenge. moreover defined equipment your character in NIOH from a certain level of progress more than in the games by From Software.

NIOH-Conclusion-bosseThe boss fights are hard, but not always as spectacular staged in the Souls games.

Loot and leveling

The addiction spiral for more and better equipment goes into NIOH on fully oriented to games like Diablo 3. On every corner you find new loot, weapons and armor in different levels of rarity. In addition, the Weaponsmith offers countless ways to customize your equipment.

So you can not just forge new weapons and armor, but in change appearance, transfer attributes of old equipment or you reforge to let. Statistics fanatics can whether the many numbers and status values lose in NIOH and will need until they have put together the perfect equipment for their character for a while. At the character development So you have so many choices than in almost any other representatives of the genre in NIOH.

Nioh_20170212235158The 22 guardian spirits in NIOH assigned different elements and bring even more tactical options.

The combat system makes the game fun out

Of the Appeal of NIOH and other Souls games is especially in challenging combat system, which by its dynamics, different builds, weapons and fighting styles basically endlessly motivated. All the time you try on new approaches from, distribute your attribute points and are testing new different playing styles out.

The Combat system of NIOH Although similar to the Souls games, but much faster and plays thanks to the various weapons poses but then differently motivated but basically the same. Especially the fact that the various possibilities open up only gradually. The five types of weapons in the game all come with their own skill trees, which are very extensive designed and allow various tactics.

Add to this the Skills Onmyo magic and ninja arts. Here NIOH allows a variety of approaches to play that bring all of their distinct advantages and increase the replay value.

NIOH-Conclusion-fighting systemRemote weapons such as bows, rifles and hand pipes allow selective targeting of vulnerabilities.

A New Game Plus as it should be

Still relatively little or no was the Endgame or New Game Plus by NIOH speaking, that was better resolved than in the Souls games. This is primarily because there is not this tough break or Point of no return is where the game tells you: Now the New Game Plus starts and this allowed to you to take over, but everything else is lost.

NIOH: Unlock guardian spirits - sites and the best companion

In NIOH this is solved differently and better. Do you have the first game play after about 70 hours completed, is the game mode &# 8220; way the Strong&# 8221; unlocked. Here all the main and side missions for the first three regions in New first be unlocked Game Plus. However, you can return at any time to normal play pass (Way of the Samurai) change and make up for missed missions.

receive all equipment and level progress remain and the new rarity &# 8220; Divine&# 8221; (Items with green text) is enabled, so the hunt can begin only really for better armor and weapons. Similarly, a New Game Plus should look like. Nothing is lost, but new avenues are opening up.

Nioh_20170214222303The hard cut between the first innings and New Game Plus there is not NIOH. You can switch at any time over the map mode.

If the multiplayer would be better but&# 8230;

On big sticking point is unfortunately still the coop and multiplayer of NIOH who inexplicably only allows to play together cooperatively missions if both players have completed previously on their own in single player. The Developers of Team Ninja justify this by saying that NIOH in Co otherwise too easy would. However, one would then Just the difficulty to adjust for two. In addition, the co-op mode is generally only up for two playable, here would be so much have been possible.

There is also the Lack of PvP, is sorely lacking just due to the complex and tactical fighting system. However, Team Ninja early promises here Replenishment in the form of free DLC, the you should allow the fight against friends. Then even that will Clan system be interesting, in which you fight for glory and supremacy in feudal Japan on a weekly basis. So far, the connection to the clan is in fact just a nice little bonus.

Nioh_20170206215136The clan system has potential, but is not yet exploited by the lack of PvP mode.

My conclusion to NIOH

NIOH captivated me as long no other game more to the controller. The battle system is fast and unforgiving. The story around the power struggles in feudal Japan while gaining the influence of the demons from the Yokai realm no innovation award and is somewhat bumpy told that However atmosphere is always right.

Also the Graphics may be stale, However, such things bother me not a bit as long as the motivating game mechanics and they do clearly NIOH. Players who Dark Souls or rather Bloodborne like, I can recommend NIOH highly enough. If the multiplayer is also optimized yet, to NIOH could establish itself in the long run as a worthy brand.

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