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In Pokémon sun and the moon you have to back some adventures and battles dispute. Thereby earned their experience points (XP) and money. Enough you not, we will show you in this article even more methods and tips to get more EP and Pokédollar.

playing in the Pokémon parts experience always an important role. You need the EP, that your Pokémon team leveling fast and accordingly Get stronger. Money is also an important item you needed to you Potions and animators, but also to buy TMs and new clothes and hairstyles. We show you in this article about Pokémon sun and moon, as you quickly earning EP and Pokédollar can. Not only do we give you tips but are you also methods on.

Any tips on this article again in the video:

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Pokémon sun and moon: make money fast and EP &# 8211; that's how it's done

To earn money and experience points, you have to fight a lot. This is, after all, also the main element of Monster Series. For this reason, you should take every fight. Of course, you always need but also keep an eye on the KP and AP your team. So wanders through the tall grass and defeated wild Pokémon &# 8211; so you can also quickly find the way Pokémon and catch. But while you should be aware that their more money and experience points get when you fight against other trainers. Are these the way, defeated once, it stays that way &# 8211; then stand around just yet, but ask you not to take revenge.

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Requires her to the end more money to you to buy potions or special TMs that you want then use the online battle, we advise you to the top 4. The fights can you repeat constantly and so get every time 11,000 Pokédollar per win. Of course, you also get massive experience per win. Sets best one EP-splitter one, which equally affects all monsters in the team. All monsters in the team getting the same amount of experience points if EP-divider is enabled. In the seventh generation, it counts as Base Item and can not be sold or thrown away. You get the EP-divider after about an hour in the game.

Have you defeated the top 4, you are allowed to sit on the throne. If you sit here, you are rich.Have you defeated the top 4, you are allowed to sit on the throne. If you sit here, you are rich.

So you can quickly deal of experience points (XP) gain

As mentioned earlier, you should much fight, to make your Pokémon stronger. More tips can be found below:

  • Increases friendship with your Pokémon. May they more they hold not only in the fight longer by, but also bring you a more experience points. Therefore, you should caress them more often or brush. Give them beans and cuddles with them after a fight.
  • Visited Mele Mele the Battle buffet. You can find it in Hauholi City. For 1200 Pokédollar you can you choose 10 dishes. Always, but if you want to do, a coach would fight you. Once you've defeated the top 4, the coaches in the fight buffet are also stronger. You can here but only once a day work out. Connects the procedure with the EP-divider.
In the fight buffet you fight against visitors and chefs.In the fight buffet you fight against visitors and chefs.
  • On Akala you can collect a lot of EP. Make your way to the farm and run here through tall grass. You are often compared Miltank fight, where you can gain experience points quickly.
  • really fighting against each coach who turns to you in the way. This is very important especially at the beginning.
  • Grab a lucky egg. This item increases the EP that get your Monster in combat. Goes to the best into the tall grass near the Pokémon League at Ula-Ula. Here are particularly strong Pokémon, where you get a lot of XP when you beat them. While you got otherwise always only later the coveted item, you can now receive earlier and start leveling. Completed the first test Mele Mele of Elima. Then goes to Professor Kukui back. He hands you a lucky egg, if you more than 50 Pokémon in your Pokédex you have collected.

More tips we tell you once we're further along in the game.

Make money quickly &# 8211; that's how it's done

located Shall your Pokédollar multiply quickly, you must also fight. But there are methods and special places where you can collect a lot of money. but we first come to your Pokémon that can make money virtually for you. Grab a Pokémon that can learn the attacks payday or Golden Times. The latter should you with the Item &Münzamulett; # 8220&# 8221; combine. Both together quadrupled the prize money after a fight. The Münzamulett get their way, to Akala. Studied here at Pokémon Hort. then Munchlax equips order to earn more money.

Here lies the Münzamulett. equipped individually, it doubles the prize money per fight.Here lies the Münzamulett. equipped individually, it doubles the prize money per fight.

more tips as you earn money you can quickly:

  • You should necessarily the fishing try out. In the sun and moon you can not always go fishing, but rather at predefined locations. So grab yourself a Lapras as PokéMobil or go near water and fishing. Here you get to see not only the chance to catch water Pokémon, but also the items pearl big pearl and pearl necklace. The former brings you 1000 Pokédollar , while the large pearl already dollar 4000 is on sale.
  • Are your Pokémon already very strong, you should you of the Ultra Beast quests do. After you became the champion of Alola, you can them the next day to complete. Here you get about one million Pokédollar.
Fight the Ultra beasts and receive a milliion Pokédollar.Fight the Ultra beasts and get a million Pokédollar.
  • also completed the Quests of the NPC, the you can find anywhere in the world. You want to see some items in your Pokédex and then give you money or items. The following table shows where ye can find:
Quests on Mele Mele
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-01Hauholi City (Pokémon Center)Drifloon$ 10,000
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-02Route 2 (Pokémon Center)Wommel$ 3,000
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-03route 3Wuffels$ 3,000
Quests on Akala
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-04Kantai City (fashion boutique)gufa$ 10,000
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-05Konikoni City (Pokémon Center)Quartermak (Sun), Kommandutan (Moon)$ 5,000
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-06Route 5 (Pokémon Center)Feebas$ 3,000
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-07Route 8 (ether-caravans)Velursi$ 5,000
Quests on Ula-Ula
pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-07 pokemon-sun-moon-fast-money-quests-08Malihe City (fashion boutique)Togedemaru$ 10,000
tbaRoute 16 (Pokémon Center)Mimigma$ 20,000
  • Embark to you Akala and visited here the Hanohano-beach. You'll Pokémon Gufa here to meet you. Completed the quest and gain 20,000 Pokédollar. You can come back every day to start this mission.
  • Another place to Alola is the Rocky coast of Poni. Will look here for many Reißlaus. Grab a Taurus as PokéMobil and defeated them by their trampling on them. Each defeated Pokémon gets you either a nugget or a large pearl, which you can sell for either 5000 or 4000 Pokédollar. Run with Taurus the best way from the coast to the Ruins of homecoming from.

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