NAPS2 (Not Another PDF scanner) Download

NAPS2 is the abbreviation for "Not Another PDF Scanner 2". This handy freeware can scan you pages and save as PDF. Thanks to built-in OCR her texts in PDF can do even searchable.

The previously available programs, which allows you to save pages from the scanner as PDF documents, differ mainly in terms of their operation. And since the freeware NAPS2 is far ahead! Everyone understands right away, how to deal with it. The results are impressive and a little extra, there are also.


NAPS2: PDF scanner with OCR

There is a big difference between PDF documents. Are they from a word processor, then you can still browse as a PDF file and start text specifically they generally. however, the text was simply scanned, it is basically a photo of the site, which was included as an image in a PDF page. nothing can browse up there! Not even the best PDF scanner could yet change anything.

NAPS2Save scan, done! NAPS2 is not just another PDF Scanner

This difference is blurred thoroughly NAPS2. Because after scanning you can get treated the image of a built-in text recognition. This takes to save a scanned PDF file, although noticeably longer, but the result is amazing

naps-PDF text recognitionA PDF scanner with OCR

There can be many languages ​​from the network to download and integrate. This will only take seconds. Then one chooses under the Button text recognition yet at that one make the PDF file searchable using OCR wants and selects the appropriate language. Now, this preference is used every time you save. And indeed, the results by the search function of the PDF viewer are searchable, as they came from a word processor.

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NAPS2 is a really simple PDF Scanner

Some PDF scanners are built funny. Since opening to scan or special window in which you can only see a small preview of the scan. This one must still pull over to another window to compose the target document. And has a scan time did not work out, then everything starts over again. NAPS2 is different here - much easier.

NAPS2 profile settingsNAPS2 also works with different profiles

First, you put time under &Profiles; # 8220&# 8221; one or more profiles. Thus selectable settings for different scanning tasks are meant. So you can create a profile for printing units and a small grayscale scans at 100 dpi. Before each scan you can then decide which profile you want to use. The type of paper feeder can then be set exactly as the page size, the scanning resolution, color depth, or scaling. In addition, you can still adjust the brightness and contrast of degree.

The scanning process itself and further work are solved really foolproof. Clicking on scanning and asked for the desired profile. After that indicates even which device to use. Then the page is scanned. How many pages are there, no one needs to specify in advance in this PDF scanner here.

After each scan, the new page is displayed as a preview image that can be enlarged to check for double in a viewer. The order of the pages in the target document you can specify later. Bad scans can be deleted and repeat. In addition, external images can be imported into the current document. In the end, the user only if he wants to save the scan as a PDF or image decides.


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